Where My Head Is

You know how I love the heat.  Well finally, it’s getting hot here in the desert southwest.  It’s going from unseasonably cool to unseasonably warm in about 48 hours.  The 60’s are leaving and the 100’s are coming!  And better still .. the night time temperatures will not be dropping below 60.  That’s more like it.

Soooo .. it’s not like I don’t spend enough time each day responding to electronic messages.  I’m making things even more complicated.  Alt dot com, MySpace, Yahoo, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo360, Windows Live, YouTube, URNotAlone, FetLife .. and now Twitter.

A wise person once said that it’s better to do a few things really well than it is to do a million things poorly but I just can’t resist.  I guess I continue to search of the one social networking world that works for me.

But when I reflect on this, I realize that this public thing … fitting in, feeling comfortable … is still very elusive to me.

Within my primary relationship, things are fabulous as always. so I’m really in a happy stage of my life.  But when I try to exist outside of that, things get very hazy and somewhat difficult, very quickly.

Sooooo .. in a nutshell, here’s where I am.  Struggling, as always, to find my public place.  Making photos for you and for me, and maintaining a website.

Is Twitter my “silver bullet”?  I’m sure it is not.  But if it’s good for Ashton Kutcher, it must be good for me .. haha!.  He’s just attained the lofty goal of 1 million followers on Twitter .. the first person to get there.  I’m hoping for a hundred, and a tiny, yet comfortable, place in the world outside my private life.

We’ll see.

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