Website Changes

Well, it’s time for some changes here. After a great deal of thought, I’ve decided to remove the two pages on this site that get the lowest number of hits each month. So my “Site Stats” page and my “Erotic Fiction” page are gone.

I’m not surprised that the “Site Stats” page wasn’t exactly popular. Intriguing info to me but I really didn’t expect you to wait anxiously for the first of every month for the newest stats to arrive *giggles* .

But I must say, I’m surprised that the Erotic Fiction page wasn’t a lot more popular.  Maybe it was my fault for not getting the updates in there regularly .. not sure .. but it certainly wasn’t due to the quality of the stories.  Every single story managed to make my panties uncomfortably tight. 🙂

Soooo … to Samantha and Red Dawn .. thank you both so much!  If the day comes when I can think of a better way to package your awesome work, I hope you’ll both consider helping me again.

Now for some good news .. I hope.  I’m going to take another kick at a message board.  The new and improved version will have a look similar to my Guestbook and will require no complicated log in.

On a personal note, life is great!  I’ve been having a great time but it’s been nothing I can tell you about here.  Sorry!  I’m almost ready for the holidays and have already starting keeping mistletoe in my panties.

Kiss me baby!!!!!

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