Upcoming Event – 2016 Scarlett’s Maine Event

As some of you already know, I’m a huge fan of Scarlett’s Maine Event.  I went to the inaugural event last year (and wrote about it here) and had a wonderful time.


If this seems like the type of event that you might enjoy, plan now to attend and let me know you’ll be there.

This year’s event is September 14-18 2016 in Ogunquit Maine – “a beautiful place by the sea”.



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Event – 2016 Scarlett’s Maine Event”

  1. This is a great event, and I think it will be the type of event that will be more and more common as T-girls try to get their needs met other than at large (perhaps more impersonal) conferences…..

    Plus…..it’s Maine! Lobster, boats, and gettin’ pretty….what’s not to like?!


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