Toronto Pride – Why?

photo credit CBC

The Toronto Police Service has long been a supporter and participant in the Toronto Pride festivities and parade.  They even have a parade float.


But this year, they’ve been banned from participating.  It appears the Black Live Matters folks felt that allowing the police to continue participating was contrary to their cause.

And the festival organizers agreed.

photo credit Shaw Global News

But there’s backlash. Several groups are backing out too in support of the police.

Pride Festival runs from June 1st to June 25th this year.  And although my Pride festival attendance has been spotty at best recently, I will not be attending as long as BLM is in and the police are out.

2 thoughts on “Toronto Pride – Why?”

  1. I was shocked when I heard this story…unbelievable that the organizers would have fell prey to this blatant special interest group style lobbying… I understand racism…shit ya wanna see racism come to Thunder Bay and see the treatment of First Nations people!!! Black Lives Matter???? when I see this nonsense I guess it means the rest don’t?????

    What matters…what truly matters…is that the racist no minds need to be educated…racism isn’t a Caucasian thing…it’s a world thing and this shits gotta stop…for ANY visible minority to ostracize itself and embark on a path saying “my life is worth more than yours” is the very example of racism…and to eliminate a group ( this time the Toronto Police) from participating in an event that is suppose to based in understanding and embracing difference is totally unacceptable!

    Let’s see how this pans out for next years event, but the organizers should hang their heads in shame and humbly ask forgiveness from the Toronto Police Force!

    1. I agree Theadora but, due to a bunch of new corporate sponsors stepping up, it appears this year’s Pride is being considered a success. And that means no one will be held accountable for a very unpopular decision.

      I would have preferred to see it crash and burn, to the point where a new organizing committee would have to take over with new guiding principles that actually are inclusive.

      That’s one thing about our demographic and why some of us struggle to be part of the group. Left-leaning people are incapable of seeing the injustice and racism of other left-leaning people, including themselves.

      My life will be just fine without Toronto Pride, and I’m sure yours will too.

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