The Penis – Now You See It; Now You Don’t!


Did I really just say “penis”? I kinda like the sound of that word passing over my lips. Maybe a touch more classy than “cock” .. my usual term?

Anyway, those who refer to that piece of the anatomy as “junk” might be better off skipping this article. My opinions are much more pragmatic.

To tuck or not to tuck is a question asked by some of us. I’m never indifferent. There are times when I feel I must, and there are times when I feel I must not. I can’t tell you why it must be one way or the other for me but it has nothing to do with arousal for me.  It’s just about what seems “right”at the time.

But for this discussion, let’s assume you have either decided to make the big guy vanish because of the outfit you’re wearing, or that you’re feeling sexually girlish today, or that you and your penis are just not friends at the moment.

What is your goal and how do you make it happen?

SeleenaK_8231sThe standard tucking technique has been explained in tons of YouTube videos. It involves wearing a gaff, homemade from the ankle portion of a tube sock and the waistband of an old pair of pantyhose or bought ready-made from your favourite CD or drag queen supply store, and  often involves using tape.

Taping, although quite secure, isn’t usually a wise idea, in my opinion, because isn’t easy to remove, can hurt your skin and usually makes a visit to the ladies room difficult if not impossible. And an unexpected erection (for those of you inclined that way) can be quite painful.

But all methods involve pushing the testicle back up into their “pockets” in the lower abdomen. This leaves an empty scrotum that can be pushed back between the legs and into the butt area along with the penis, and then secured there with either a gaff, tight panties or tape.

Fun fact about testicles: In the early stages of male fetal development, ovaries descend from their position in the abdomen to form testicles. In female babies, they remain ovaries and stay up inside.

I’ve learned a similar but different way of doing it. Yes, testicles go up inside and scrotum goes back, but my penis goes straight into my body instead of going back and between my legs. In the same way the testicles each have their own pocket, the penis seems to have one too.  At least mine does 🙂  I just grab the head and move everything towards and into my pelvis.

A word about cock size: Some penises are the same length and circumference whether erect or not. When erect, they simply become rigid. Other cocks are smaller when flaccid yet grow, both in length and circumference, when erect. This behavior has nothing to do with final erection size. I fall into the second category yet, when erect, I’m at least slightly larger than average yet when flaccid, I’m a pretty easy “tuck”.  (You just don’t learn things like this in your high school locker room .. hopefully)

So, for me, testicles up, scrotum back between my lower butt cheeks, penis straight in and with a snug pair of SeleenaK_0761sxpanties or control top pantyhose, I’m good to go. Comfortable enough for all day, sitting, standing, moving around yet a trip to the ladies room is quick, hygienic, painless and requires no re-taping.

And if the sexual energy is high after the party is over, some direct but gentle pressure in that area with my Hitachi Magic Wand brings a mind-blowing orgasm of the “no-erection” variety.

My cum-like-a-girl technque for this type of vibrator play is done in exactly the same manner as how a women would use the vibe, but with a very .. umm .. moist conclusion.

Another benefit, for me at least, is that the whole area becomes somewhat sensitized when walking .. a pleasant feeling for me. And when sitting with my legs crossed as I most often do, a slight tensing of my muscles in that area can be quite erotic … and I can do this anywhere and at any time!

One more thing to mention. I can’t believe I’m going to mention this too but since I’m already a little over the top, why not? It’s about scent.

Maybe in a similar way to how a post-op transexual will self-lubricate, keeping the penis inside for an extended period of time causes a slight slippery film to develop and it has a bit of a fragrance .. somewhat similar to .. well, you know. Not intrusive, disguisting or objectionable at all but it’s definitely there.

So, if you’re interested in doing something different, give my technique a try. And please let me know if you’re able to manoever things around as I’ve suggested. Also, if you know of a reason why I shouldn’t be doing this, please let me know that too.

The thoughts and opinions here are mine only, and should not be used in place of common sense. Before altering the geography of your genetalia even temporarily, always consult a physician; not a web bimbo like me!

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