Talented But in an Inflexible Career?

I have a fantasy.

Not a sexy one this time, although I do have many of those too.  This one is about the trans folk I communicate with and the struggle many have being unable to work in their preferred gender presentation.

I don’t know how typical this is in the transgender world but the majority of those we associate with .. both tgirls and admirers .. seem to be high achievers.  People who are very good at what they do, or have done, to earn a living.  And the retired ones often came from exceptional careers too.

20140131_154601sProfessionals, leaders, creative people, entrepreneurs, salespeople, marketing folks, teachers, tradespeople; even those with less notable jobs have a spark that would burst into a four-alarm blaze given the opportunity.

If it were only possible to tap into this brilliance in some collaborative way.

We’re so connected these days that a ‘work from home’ situation is simple, thorough, efficient and cost effective, no matter where we’re located in the world, and I just know many might even consider a salary reduction until things got going.

There are also retired girls; some who left their day job way before they were ready to spend their days in a rocking chair just because the charade grew tiresome yet they’re now looking for something to sink their teeth  into.

Do we all have any common marketable skill or knowledge?  Probably not but what so many of us do have in common is talent and capability.

A collaboration could easily cross international borders too.

Imagine waking up on workdays, throwing on some lipstick and heels and digging in to the challenges of the day.  I do this now to some degree but am well aware that a team can accomplish much more than the sum of it’s players.  Even admirers might prefer to spend their days communication and collaborating with those they admire.

Are you ready for a change? Do we need to talk?  Do we need to brainstorm this?  Or is this a fantasy that should be filed next to the one with the two Victoria’s Secret models in nylons and heels and the guy with the huge bulge in his pants on the corporate jet headed for Paris?

4 thoughts on “Talented But in an Inflexible Career?”

  1. I suppose that, by the nature of the proposal that we could communicate and corroborate even on an international level, such interaction would need to be by way of the on-line environment. Thus such an undertaking would need to be visual in essence, either the written word, pictorially or a combination of both.

    I have always had a fondness for writing. During my employment years I was frequently called upon to write, from simple memos to complex instructions and training material. I have also always enjoyed writing for pleasure. At times it allows me to express my current moods and emotional states as well as just provide an outlet for frustrated creativity. Some pieces are poetic in nature, others are general prose. What I particularly enjoy is entertaining others or helping them. Sometimes I can do the latter by achieving the former. Whatever works suits me.

    Maybe what you propose already exists, in the form of on-line support groups, chat rooms and even blogs such as this. In my case I’d be happy if payment of my ‘”marketable skill” was simply a thank you from someone I’ve helped or a smile I’ve put on someone’s face. There’s not a lot more I need out of life nowadays.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Jane, and yeah, what I’m proposing might already exist. I guess I was suggesting that going ‘back to work’ to some degree in girl mode didn’t mean spending the day occupied with girl “stuff”.

    I, for one, would lose my mind if I had to deal with trans people all day long. :-). I mean that sincerely. I was proposing something 180° from there but in a brainstorming session, we never know where things will go.

    The fantasy is that we could bring our talents to the table in a “company” where the gender thing is embraced totally.

  3. For me, although I was self employed and working from home I did not have a problem because I did ot dress openly at that time so I can’t speak to the problems of those who do. You are absolutely right with espect to the waste of talent that exists as a result. Unfortunatey this applies to all minorities as it doesn’t matter to which race, country or ethnic group one belongs the bell curve of combined talents is pretty much the same shape. I hate to say it but, these predudices are going to be around long, long. long after we are gone. It is basic human nature and I am not sure it can be changed.

    1. I agree, Smiffy. The prejudices will remain long after us. I guess I was just fantasizing that it might still be possible to use the collective talents so many of us possess.

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