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Upcoming Fetish Events

Wow .. the financial world may be falling apart but the fetish events just keep happening.

In addition to the events I mentioned below, Northbound Leather is holding it’s big annual event at The Docks in Toronto on 10/25.  If it didn’t conflict with my Las Vegas plans, I’d be there.  But in case you can attend, check it out here: Xposé

Also “CAPITOL PUNISHMENT: The Inaugural Washington DC Fetish Ball” is happening on October 12th .. Columbus Day weekend in the US or Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  One of the producers of this event is Nicotine .. a gorgeous fetish model that I’m familiar with from one of the BDSM community websites I belong to.

And … a large fetish event is happening in Detroit MI on November 7th-9th and is hosted by Tim Woodward Chief Editor of Skin Two Magazine.  Check out Exotica

I really missed the boat on the pre-planning this year, but am already updating my 2009 calendar.
And lastly, my friends at The Simpsons and Burger King seem to think this is what I should look like .. and frankly, I’m flattered! *giggles
Seleena simpsonized