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I got scurrying around the house this morning and missed the 10:00 start of my bi-weekly chatroom time. If you came here at 10:00 and found no chatroom, please accept my apologies. It was 10:06 before it came to life. Luckily for me, my two fav sweeties, Barbie and QQ patiently waited and appeared just as soon as I did.

I’m not gonna kiss and tell, but whew! The discussion was soooo erotic.

I notice that lots of hits on this site are coming from my friends at “Trannies in Trouble” http://tranniesintrouble.com/ via a reciprocal link to Sandra’s site.  I hope I’m not disappointing the bondage fans from there.  Since I’m a huge bondage fan too, I think I should mention that clearly on my “Welcome” page as well my “About Me”.  Sounds like it’s time to add some bondage photo content too.

Today’s outfit: ruby pushup bra, Hanes Alive tan (somewhat shiny) pantyhose (panties? what panties?), animal print sleeveless top, stretch black mini, animal print 5 1/2″ heel ankle strap pumps.

Website Progress

Well, the search engines can now index my site; hope it’s ready for prime time!

I had my first real (unprovoked) visitor in my chatroom today.  “QQ”, thanks for stopping by to chat with me.  You’re a sweetie!

Spend an hour or so on webcam in the chatroom of my favorite Alternative Lifestyle site.  Emotions and attitudes are running high there.