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This Site and the Heartbleed Vulnerability

heartbleedFirst off, please be aware that the recently-reported Heartbleed is not a virus.  You won’t “get” anything on your computer and there are no infected websites.  It’s just a vulnerability that a hacker could use to intercept username and password info in transit when you log in to a secure server that uses a particular type of encryption.

You can usually tell if a website is using any type of encryption to log in the the log in url begins with https instead of the usual http.

If you’re concerned about the Heartbleed vulnerability on my website or would just like to change your password, login here . Then in the upper right corner of the next screen, mouse over your username and select Edit My Profile. From there you can change your password.

While my site is certified secure on the server side and is totally virus/malware free, it’s been built using the WordPress framework (that’s how you log in) and WordPress has not yet been certified free of the Heartbleed vulnerability.

I’ll update here when I get the “all clear” but please understand that the very worst thing that could happen would be that someone uses your password for this site to log in as you and possibly make a comment using your (usually fake) identity.  That’s it! There’s no way anyone could capture any of your other private information from visiting my website.