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I got to chat briefly with my Australian friend, Angie, in the GX chatroom on Alt dot com.  It’s been a long time .. so glad to hear, and see, that she’s okay. She told me she had viewed this website. I’m a little nervous about that because Angie has great taste and knows quality … and I’m not sure what I’ve done so far measures up.  But she politely told me she loved it .. and I’ll believe her, out of necessity. Maybe she’ll have some suggestions for improvement.

I turned my webcam on a couple times later in the day. The weather here has been unusually warm, nearly hot, and the temperature inside to too warm to appear on cam fully dressed .. lol .. so I appeared in only a strapless bra, corset, thong, FF stockings and thigh-high boots. Not exactly my usual elegant cam-wear but I got no complaints *giggles*

Then I proceeded to turn the air condition back on.

On Webcam

Put on a slinky wet-look red dress, black pantyhose and open-toe strappy black shoe (with chrome stiletto heels) and spent a few hours on webcam in the chatroom at Alt dot com.  Had fun but stayed up too late, and had to deal with a guy who was starting to become a little obsessive.  I’m always on the watch for behavior that seems unusual.

It might just have been a vigorous display of affection but you can never be too careful.