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Shooting My Next Video

Spring is in the air!  I know, “keep your panties on Seleena!  Winter may not be over yet “.  But it feels soooo good.

I spent a wonderful day in Toronto this week with my dearest friends and even got to shoot some outdoor video so the second installment of my “Just Another Day” video should be available here early in April.

It was a humbling experience having two totally gorgeous girls help me with my video but they were kind to me and extremely helpful.  Thank you Dina and Lianne!  I now better understand my limitations as a video model and will script accordingly in the future but with some careful editing I think I can get another pretty decent video together.  Your reaction and comments will tell me if I’m correct.

On another note, I’ve begun high level preparations for my upcoming “Bimbo Across America” road trip (haha!).  More to come on that in future blog entries.

My New Video Camera .. and Dina

An Exciting Couple of Weeks

Although still photos have always been my thing, I’ve always been intrigued by video.   Many have told me that seeing movement .. body language .. seems lots more intimate than still photos.   So based on these comments, and my own curiosity, I decided it was time to upgrade my rather inexpensive video camera.   And what better way to get familiar with it than to do a video for my site.   Please check it out in my Video Gallery.  Although I’m not that thrilled with my appearance in this one, I like the quality of the picture (even after YouTube’s compression) and am proud of the job I did behind the camera .. lighting, editing, sound, music, etc.   Hopefully the look and feel of my “story” is a little more “professional” and interesting than much of what you see out there.   Comments are appreciated!

On another topic … in an attempt to provide you with some exciting “out and about” photos I’ve been searching for a photographer to help me out.  Although I have nothing concrete to report just yet, I’ve made a couple contacts that are very promising.  With their help, I hope to be able to add some interesting photos here in the coming days and months.  The weather here is getting cold and the snow will be here soon, so I might get off to a slow start with this but it’s coming.

Since I obviously can’t pay someone to do photos of me for my free website, finding a reciprocal arrangement is very important to me.   Offers to “help you out” are wonderful and greatly appreciated but I just can’t be benefiting from someone’s good nature over the long term.

So .. I’m really hoping that one of my new contacts can benefit from some of my abilities (not that, you perv!) in exchange.

And lastly … Dina Paige!  OMG!  I finally got to meet her and made a new friend in the process.  Dina owns a service based in Toronto that’s exactly what girls like us need in our lives.  She’s a Transgender Self Improvement Professional and is here to help us with everything from make-up to lifestyle coaching to photography sessions to referrals and references.DinaAtTheBar

Dina’s a gorgeous girl with a sweet personality, has been through all of the “issues” most of us are dealing with and has emerged a winner .. rock solid, successful, happy and with an energy and zest for life that’s contagious.  I’ll be working with her to find ways that I can help promote her services.   Stay tuned, but for now, please check out her website.

Please don’t be fooled by Dina’s glamorous look here (my choice of photos, not hers 🙂 .  She really is one of the most approachable people you’ll ever meet, and whether you’re a casual weekend dresser or have begun living 24/7 as a female, Dina understands and is here to help.  Sit beside her, look into her eyes, hear her words, and her commitment to your happiness will become obvious.

Girls, please don’t go through the expense and frustration of time-consuming trial and error, like I did, in an attempt to get your look (and your act) together.  A few smart dollars spent up front can save you lots of time, money and frustration in the long term.  You owe it to yourself to allow the world to see beauty that’s inside you.  You’ll be surprised at the positive energy you receive in return.

Do I sound excited?  I am! .. and no, I’m not getting a sales commission.

Crossdressing in the Media

Here is yet another example of crossdressing in the mainstream.  Actually this commercial follows two trends.  The “stupid white guy” trend as well as the crossdressing trend.

All this mainstream treatment of “this thing we do” has got me thinking about a new career opportunity. So as of this minute, I’m making myself available for TV commercial appearances, complete with the bulge!

Do the annual advertising awards ceremonies (the ADDY’s or CLIO’s, I think) have a red carpet? I always thought it would be cool to get out of a limo, all leggy, and walk the red carpet to the sound of camera motor drives.

On second thought, maybe I should just make a trip to the local carpet store and buy my own.

Autumn; and Crossdressing in Advertizing

Autumn is here. Soon my world will change from green and lush to crisp and golden .. and then on to something that looks post-nuclear warfare.  Gawd, I hate leafless trees and an overcast sky.

Oh well .. I’ve put the white clothes away until next year (as if I have many white things .. lol) and have bought an awesome pair of leather gloves to keep my hand warm on those cold evenings, in case you’re not here to keep me warm.

Here’s a little commercial I thought I’d share with you.   Some of you can relate to this 😮

Using Copyrighted Music WIthout Permission

My bad!

Well, ya just never know who looks at (and in this case, listens to) your online stuff. I’ve had this little video on YouTube for the last couple years. It’s more of a slide show than a video really .. made up of still images dissolving into each other, and put to music. As of today, the video has received over 56,000 views.

I was informed today by YouTube that my video has been blocked because of a copyright infringement claim against the audio track by UMG.  Although I was able to quickly replace the audio with a copyright-free song provided by YouTube, the video just isn’t the same.

The song in question was ”November Rain” .. one of my favourite songs.

Was I wrong to use it? Absolutely .. and I sincerely apologize to GnR for doing that.  I guess I thought of it more as a tribute to an awesome song.

And it doesn’t matter if they took exception with my use of the song because I’m a T-girl or not .. I apologize to the band, Universal Music Group and/or the song owner.

And for the record, I still think Mr. Rose is kinda cute!