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Invoke Societal Change First; then Pass Laws to Protect

Today, the OntariSeleenaK_8861so Human Rights Commission launched a new policy to protect the rights of transgender individuals.  Does Ontario need this?  Well, yes .. and no.  Let me explain my feelings.

From this girl’s experience, and from the experiences of many of my friends across the country,  Canada has been a relatively friendly place for trans people for many years.  It’s now in our culture to be accepting. Yes, marriages do end, families become estranged, friendships dissolve sometimes but jobs are usually kept and violence, both emotional and physical, is negligible.

And yes, there are individuals and pockets of individuals who don’t share a philosophy of tolerance but they’re relatively rare.  But since no one has pushed or angered them, their behavior usually falls into the “indifferent” category.

Since I spend lots of time in the US, I wish they could understand this concept .. what I like to call the “Canadian model”.  You see, first we change public feelings .. then we add laws and policies to take an official stand on that societal change.

We did this with same-sex marriage a decade ago and are doing it now with trans rights.

Every November, we observe the Transgender Day of Remembrance and we remember those who have lost their lives for simply being themselves.  Brazil, Mexico and the US are usually the top three countries where these tragedies occur.  Canada doesn’t even make the list. ~ Seleena Kay, preaching from her “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” pulpit

The US, in my opinion, is doing it entirely backwards.  There has been less of a cultural change promoting acceptance of same-sex marriage or trans rights.  But the laws are appearing regardless and the activists are claiming victory.  This does nothing except  make law-abiding people, though judgmental via their upbringing or religious beliefs,  feel like criminals.  And in those feelings bitterness thrives.

Are these extreme right wing “moral” people wrong?  Absolutely they are!  But can they change?  I believe they can be defused at the very least.

It’s that bitterness that could get someone like me seriously hurt.  And the law means nothing to either the perpetrator or the victim while an act of violence is being committed.  And this scares me.  Even the police scare me there.

So bravo to Ontario.  Bravo to the OHRC for the new policy.  And bravo to Canada for putting the horse before the cart!

You can read more about the policy here.

A Happy Day

It’s a  happy day here for a couple reasons.

First, I’ve come the realization that I have a chance to win the Noble Peace Prize next year.  Although many think that guys who dress like chicks are insane, it seems the Noble Committee has us all beat.  To give the award to someone who simply got elected destroys their credibility totally, in my eyes.

Just wait and see.  The “fever” that this man has created will become a huge dividing force and a threat to freedom around the world.

And secondly, Thanksgiving is Monday up here in Canada.  Happy Turkey Day to all my friends in Canada.

Another Year …

The new year is here, and really .. it’s doesn’t look or feel much different than last year.  But who knows what this year will bring.

I hope you all took the time to make a New Year’s resolution.  (Is this a North American custom only?)  Hopefully you haven’t already made and broken yours.  But if you haven’t made one yet, maybe I can help.  Try this … resolve to do something this year that you’ve never done before.  Maybe something you’ve only dreamed about, or fantasized about.  Give yourself permission!

Now I’m not suggesting you throw caution to the wind and do something that’s potentially life-altering.  Just something small but maybe something you never thought you’d have the courage to do.  And whether it goes well or not so well, the feeling of excitement will remind you that life is as exciting as you make it.

Me?  My resolution involves hard work.  I’m going to try to learn how to walk more gracefully in ballet heels!  I don’t expect to ever be able to wear them when I go to the shopping mall but being able to gracefully walk for short distances would be awesome.

Now .. I’m starting to get a little worried.  The US Inauguration Ball is just a couple weeks away and my invitation still hasn’t arrived.  New dress and new shoes are ready, and my frequent flyer points are burning a hole in my purse.  So someone .. help me out here!  I promise to be a perfect lady and someone you’d be happy to be seen with. 🙂

Ohhhh .. it’s not that I’m a fan of the guy who the big party is for … on the contrary, actually.  It just seems like it might be a good party for someone like me.

Let’s just see how liberal-minded those people really are!



PS .. and for those of you who are familiar with my circle of friends .. I recently got an email from my favorite Toronto girl who is now living in Argentina.  Micheala is doing just fine and she’s just as sweet as she always was.  I think I need to ask her for a new photo to see what changes the South American lifestyle has inspired.  It’s always a pleasure to hear from her.

Economic Worries

Now I’m starting to worry.  I know you didn’t come to this site to hear more gloom and doom about what’s going on with the world economy but this is finally starting to scare me, and it may impact this website.

I’ve booked and paid for a trip to the desert for later this month, and will certainly have a great time in both Las Vegas and southern Arizona, but if I had realized that things would get this bad, I really wouldn’t have done this one.

Although the federal election here in Canada on the 14th should be inconsequential, the one in the US in November can cause the pendulum to swing so far in the other direction that it flies off into oblivion.  Stop the insanity USA!

If I’m going to have to start selling my cheap ass on street corners, I’m going to need lots of fishnets, and there are costs associated with that. *giggling*

On a more positive note, I’ve just published a photo album that is a little more “personal” than the stuff I’ve been sharing.  Hope you like it .. and as always, your feedback is appreciated.