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Please don’t call me “dear”, dear!

“Yes dear” .. “No dear”.  I’ve been getting a lot of that lately from a few different girls.  Why does that rub me the wrong way?  I’m not sure but it does.

Is it a term of endearment or condescension?

I think it takes me back to a time in my life when teachers, neighbour’s mom’s or distant relatives spoke to me in a condescending way.

Many of the girls I interact with have had the feminine thing trapped inside for many years and are just now starting to deal with the world from that perspective.  Where do they go to learn how to behave and interact?  Well, the easiest place to go for this type of info is our own memory.

But that was then and this is now. If you’re intention is to talk down to me, please continue with the “dear” thing, but if you’re not, I’d love ya forever if you’d use something else.

beaudet_smallBefore I go, I need to comment on the airport security “pat down’s” and full body scanners that are in the news a lot these days. This type of screening is particularly troublesome for girls like me. I can only assume a real terrorist threat is imminent and feel that saving lives is more important than anonymous indiscretion. “But I have my rights Seleena!”.  Yes you do.  You have a right to stay home.  Because if an airline gets brought down, it might be my sorry ass  or yours that gets squished in the process.

But in my mind I can’t help but giggle at the thought of those poor people behind the scenes that have to look at an endless stream of naked-ish bodies.

With same-sex screening, I picture a male agent at one video screen and a female at the other as a group of trans-men and trans-girl travelers go through the scanners. She sees male “parts, he sees female “parts” and they bump into each other as they try desperately to switch workstations. hehe!

On a serious note, Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA.  Enjoy the turkey, and if you’re doing any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping, pick up a little something for your favourite web hottie. And if there’s a few cents left over, get something for me too. <winks>

A Happy Day

It’s a  happy day here for a couple reasons.

First, I’ve come the realization that I have a chance to win the Noble Peace Prize next year.  Although many think that guys who dress like chicks are insane, it seems the Noble Committee has us all beat.  To give the award to someone who simply got elected destroys their credibility totally, in my eyes.

Just wait and see.  The “fever” that this man has created will become a huge dividing force and a threat to freedom around the world.

And secondly, Thanksgiving is Monday up here in Canada.  Happy Turkey Day to all my friends in Canada.