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CiCi – One Classy Lady

I’m very excited today.  After waiting a couple months, I was finally able to see the TED Talk that a friend in Los Angeles did back in April.

If you’re familiar with the retailer Suddenly Fem you’re probably familiar with CiCi’s blog.  It has a very large audience.

CiCi and I go back quite a few years. We’ve only been together once in the flesh but we used to spend lots of time together in a trans chatroom, back in the days when I webcammed lots in that chatroom.

CiCi and I can argue all day long about who was an inspiration to whom, and we did a little of that today when I messaged her online to congratulate her on the wonderful job she did with the TED Talk.

Anyway, she’s always been special to me, and if you’ll take a few minutes to watch her TED Talk, you’ll understand why.

Yay CiCi!