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SeleenaK_1010sAs 2015 draws to a close, I thought I should comment briefly on a few things happening on my website as I close in my 9th year.

I’ve managed to stay on track through 4 versions of the site software without changing course too much.  But what has changed is the amount of on-site interaction I get from you, as well as the amount of effort I have to put into things to keep the site away from the hackers.

I don’t know why I get the vast majority of feedback and comments via email instead of on the site directly but I’m appreciative for every comment, no matter how it gets to me.  I mention this because I see a  change.  And yes, I know … blogs, in general, have moved from cool to boring.  I get that.

But the hackers … dammit .. visit me way more than you all do! hehe!  I have nothing financial on my site any more, and don’t require members to provide personal info beyond a username and email address.  Yet the reason they want my site, and so many others, is so that they can use it as a spam host.

If successful, they will send out a guzillion spam emails before the web host realizes and shuts them down.  And they’re not even interested in email addresses stored here; yours and mine.  They have their own list and just need a previously-honourable server to send from.

So, your passwords now must be big ugly long things in hopes of making them unguessable. Your computer’s IP address is  compared to a “ban list” before you’re able to log in and I manually compare the country new users claim to be from with the country where they’re logging in from to ensure a match or else I delete them.

Lots of work, really.

But I think my best options are:

  1. charge a small fee for membership.  Spammer won’t pay, but 99% of you wouldn’t either.
  2. remove the entire membership/sign in process entirely.  This would remove a big part of the mechanism spammers use to gain access but it also leaves all my  content (which I work so hard to produce) wide open.
  3. shut the site down and move my content over to one of the social media platforms, where security is ~their~issue and not mine

I won’t ask for your opinion on this because .. well, you know.  But I thought I’d mention this here to ask you for your patience when logging in, and ask that you report any issues you encounter to me in case I made a mistake while trying to repel the hackers.

SeleenaK_0735sOn a personal note,  my circle of friends is holding it’s own.  Not growing, not shrinking.  Some acquaintances, it seems, are not impressed by the way I present myself in a casual setting and it’s been mentioned to me twice in the past month.   Both times it felt very judgmental.  I have a couple genetic women friends who are also judged regularly when in public because they’re just not sloppy or plain enough for the no makeup, sweat pants and flip-flop crowd.  Oh well.  My real friends like me as I am.

Silly as it may sound, I’m okay being judged by the uninformed, or the religious, or up-tight public at large but I just can’t deal with it coming from within the community.   So I wish them well but I disengage.

I’m going to miss the First Event conference in Boston in January because of a  family commitment which I’m really, really looking forward to. But I’ll  be at Keystone again this year in March.  I don’t do casual well enough (lol) for the Spring Fling crowd so I’ll probably skip their May event.  Yet Scarlett’s Maine Event in Ogunquit Maine will be a definite ‘yes!’.

My darling and I just might do another mega roadtrip across the US again.  If I do, I’ll try to visit with a few of you along the way.

And finally, I looking forward to spending more time with my friends Pauline, Dianne and Dea.  Let’s all put on our dancing shoes .. and not dance at all.   hehe

2016 is looking like a fun year!

Happy New Year from my family to yours!

Happy New Year!

Well at the suggestion of some, I’ve been rather quiet in updating this blog (“Seleena, if you don’t have something relevant to say, it might be better to say nothing!”) but as 2007 draws to a close, I feel compelled to say a few words.

First off, 2007 has been a slightly trying year. I’ve struggled just a bit to find my place in the world, and the creations of this website is part of that search. Thank gawd my sweetheart is here with me, and together we move forward. On a personal level, I spent too much doing things that are not important to me and too little time doing the things that are. The all-consuming 9 to 5 made it difficult sometimes to be the spouse, the friend and the lover that I desire to be.

I lost an old friend, and nearly lost another … but I got to meet new friends too! I was honored to meet Angel, buffy, hailleigh, Jade, Ross, bunny, Winnie, Sarah, Alicia, Dita, chelle and Delila, and I feel a connection to all of them that only someone in this lifestyle can feel.  I also met “My barbie”! 🙂  Got to spend some time with dearest friends (and serious hottie’s) Sara and Mark, although 3 visits in a year is not nearly enough. 🙁

In 2008, my free time increases dramatically. It’s a journey that Kim and I have worked so hard for. We expect to travel a bit more, get our lives organized and into a bit of a routine that allows us to be as impulsive as the situation dictates *giggles*. But regardless of who’s doing what between our legs, she’s all that’s important to me.

I plan some changes to this website. The message board experiment was a failure and will be removed, my chatroom availability will increase, I’ll install proper Photo Gallery software to save wear and tear on your “back ” button and will try to include some dialog with each photo album explaining the situation or my feelings when the photos were taken. I’d love to expand my Friends page .. not many volunteers to date (thank you barbie and Stephanie!) and to do this I might have to solicit. I’d love to include some female content here too (any volunteers?).

Thank you everyone for keeping this site alive. It’s important to me to think that my URL is bookmarked on a few computers and the occasional mouse click here puts a smile on someone’s face.

Happy New Year! May 2008 be a safe and prosperous year for you, and may it bring you all the kinkiness you desire!