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Using Copyrighted Music WIthout Permission

My bad!

Well, ya just never know who looks at (and in this case, listens to) your online stuff. I’ve had this little video on YouTube for the last couple years. It’s more of a slide show than a video really .. made up of still images dissolving into each other, and put to music. As of today, the video has received over 56,000 views.

I was informed today by YouTube that my video has been blocked because of a copyright infringement claim against the audio track by UMG.  Although I was able to quickly replace the audio with a copyright-free song provided by YouTube, the video just isn’t the same.

The song in question was ”November Rain” .. one of my favourite songs.

Was I wrong to use it? Absolutely .. and I sincerely apologize to GnR for doing that.  I guess I thought of it more as a tribute to an awesome song.

And it doesn’t matter if they took exception with my use of the song because I’m a T-girl or not .. I apologize to the band, Universal Music Group and/or the song owner.

And for the record, I still think Mr. Rose is kinda cute!