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Transgender Day of Remembrance – 2015

SeleenaK_2011-10-21-14.38.17Once again, a tough year for the trans community.

But I’m unable to find the numbers to back this up as I have done in the past.

I had high expectations for increasingly accurate numbers going forward but the last tracking initiative’s website .. the one financed with Kickstarter dollars .. isn’t responding on the eve of TDOR.

Although my cynical nature tells me that many would rather hide the ugly numbers than publish results of a near devastating year for trans people, I have no proof of this.  But GLAAD, who I personally believe has been the most honest and reasonable when  reporting trans issues, has said that violent deaths of trans people in the US has risen 50 percent over 2014.

From the numbers I was able to find, Brazil is once again the leader in violent trans deaths.  But it appears the US is next in the order.  Mysteriously, Mexico, who was in the second spot, is not on the list at all this year

But as always, the 20-29 year old age range is the hardest hit group, and girls of colour were most at risk.

Some activists are stating that the number of trans murders hasn’t increased at all; it’s just that the reporting has improved.  but what’s an activist going to say?  That they suck at everything except patting themselves on the back?   I honestly believe we take two steps backwards for every one step forward.

Jenner .. didn’t help.

The US Prez .. didn’t help.

Beck .. didn’t help.

Hollywood didn’t help.

Hate crime laws didn’t help.

Even Cox didn’t help.

And the LGB’s still want to disassociate themselves with the T.  (I hope to discuss this further in a separate blog post)

Can’t blame them.  We’re not very good at gaining acceptance.  And when our sisters are dying at an increasing rate, we’re able to lay blame but are unable to feel remorse or responsibility.

Please take a moment today, to think about the transgender people who have lost their lives this year, often just because they were transgender.

UPDATE:  20th Nov 2015 11:45 am EDT

Better numbers are starting to appear for 2015.  Here’s a table of what I was able to find.  The good news is that Brazil is down to 96 from 154 in 2014 but sadly Mexico is up to 37 from 28 and the USA is up to 21 from 14.

Brazil 96
Mexico 37
Colombia 22
USA 21
El Salvador 14
Argentina 12
Ecuador 7
Venezuela 7
Pakistan 6
Honduras 4
India 4
Cuba 3
Peru 3
Chile 2
Philippines 2
Turkey 2
Uruguay 2
Austria 1
Canada 1
Dominican Republic 1
Guyana 1
Italy 1
Netherlands 1
Spain 1
UK 1