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Gifts for Moi?

In an attempt to generate some excitement here I’ve decided that I should start accepting gifts.  Over the last two years there have been quite a few offers to send me small gifts in appreciation for my continuing effort to keep this free website going.  Although I was honoured by each and every offer, I felt the need to decline.

I guess I was worried about having others guide my direction in some small way.  But in declining as I did, I missed out on some wonderful opportunities to interact with those of you who value this thing I do.

No, I’m not expecting truckloads of expensive clothing, heels, lingerie and jewels to appear at my door regularly.  But a trickle of small tokens of your appreciation might help me keep moving forward.

I’ve also decided that I would start considering your requests to buy some of my personal items and photos.  I think some of you would like to wear the clothing you’ve seen in my photos and some would simply like to have them because it helps personify what you read and see here.

So gifts?  Send them.  Would you like to send me something to wear in photos and return to you immediately afterwards?  I can do that.  Let’s talk.  Want worn panties or stockings sent to you in a zip lock bag?  Please let me know.  Photo prints?  Sure.

I’m also looking at doing a calendar, creating wallpaper for your computer screen and DVD slide shows of my photos in high resolution.

Not only will it help me to get a little closer to you, in all honesty it excites me to think that you’re touching, caressing and smelling things that were once mine.  It makes my panties wet!

And to raise the gift incentive a little, those who send something this way will have the option of getting on my mailing list for at least the next year.  An email from me at the first of every month including a high res large photo picked from those added to my Photo Gallery that month.

Repeat gift givers (two or more gifts in the same calendar year) will also have the option of receiving a personalized Christmas and Valentines Day card from me via snail mail.

Just let me know your discretion requirements and I’ll do my best to make it work for you.

If you don’t feel inclined to send gifts in these tough economic times, I totally understand.  Please keep coming back and comment when you feel inclined to do so.

I really want to be more to you than just an occasional mouse click.  Help me to do this for you .. and for me!

Bimbo Claus

The holidays are approaching fast and it’s time to get serious about preparing.  I’m giving a garterbelt and stockings to everyone on my list this year.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving and you can never have too many!

And the guys on my list are getting them too.  Oh sure, they’ll pretend that it’s a silly gift but alone and behind closed doors it might not be so silly. *giggles*

And this year I’m not climbing down anyone’s chimney.  Squished boobies and ruined heels is all I have to show for it last year. And some wise guy left me cookies and milk with a note that said “for Bimbo Claus”.  Gimme a break! I was okay with the note, I really was, but milk?  Now I’ve done a little forced lactation play in the past but warm milk in a glass?

I don’t think so.