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Time To Vent – Nightshade Corsets and Mac Cosmetics

Those that know me, know that I prefer to shop on eBay.  I find that the power of “feedback” works very well in assuring reasonable service.  I’m really not after any special “exceeded my expectations ” service.  But it’s quite difficult to get advice when buying on eBay so sometimes I leave the relatively safety of that world and venture into the world of internet vendors.

I’ve had some frustrations recently with that I’d like to share.

First off, I bought a “high quality” corset from Nightshade Corsets back in October with the intention of wearing it to the Fetish Ball in Las Vegas.  Based on the advice I got, I ended up with the wrong size (I know, I’m a tough fit).  Graciously, the store offered to exchange it.  I immediately (same day) returned the corset and paid for another one.  When my return was received I was immediately credited for it’s cost but a few critical days went by (with unanswered email expressing my willingness to pay extra for expedited shipping) and eventually I was told the replacement item was shipped.  Of course, the corset arrived after I left for Las Vegas.

Well now, after only a couple rather gentle wearings I’ve noticed that one of the steel bones is poking out of the bottom trim.  I’ll try to have it repaired but honestly, I’ve gotten better wear out of a relatively cheap $200 corset and this one was substantially more expensive.

My other frustrations is regarding MAC Cosmetics online.  For whatever reason, my emails to them keep going unanswered. Twice I’ve had to resend, only to get a “thanks for your patience” reply.  The delays have caused me to miss the big annual online sale, and I was planning to spend a ton of money.  I’ve been told that MAC is “friendly” to girls like me so I imagine the problems might just be procedural, but who knows.

I’m sticking with Dermablend.

Vent-mode off!