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Today I’m going to talk about friendship.  Something I’m feeling a little short on these days.

I’ve always been a very private person; someone who would rather have a few very close friends than a hundred casual friends.  It’s always been that way for me.  But I never realized how important friendship was to my own peace of mind until recently.

Having a close friend can be hard work but pays huge dividends, both to the heart and to the head.  And although privacy is something that might very well reduce complication and drama, it isolates.

I’ve worked so hard to maintain my privacy, both for myself and to protect those close to me, (especially as it relates to my gender bending activities) and I’ve been quite successful, only letting a very few get close.  But when you put all your “friendship eggs” in the one basket, things can change .. and they have.

First, I lost someone close to me to an evil disease.  Then a friendship or two faded when my work situation changed. Also, another was lost when my feelings of friendship were met with something I perceived as infatuation.  And lastly, a little closeness was lost with another due to … well … I’m not really sure.

Due to my perceived need for privacy, I’ve been distant when many have reached out to me; partly because I was worried they would invade my space at an inopportune time, partly to avoid potential drama, and partly because I felt that having sex with me was their only motive.

So my suggestion to all my “sisters in heels” out there, please try to keep some balance between your privacy and your social life, and please consider that when life gets a little bumpy, a “guy in a skirt” might be there to hold your hand.