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By Name, Please


When we meet or see someone we know someone in person, do we address them by name?  I think so.

Yet online, so many don’t take the time.  I get emails that start “Hello,”  or “hi”.  No “Hello Seleena” or “Hi Bimbo”.. hehe.

I paid good money for this name, and would like to get my money’s worth! ~Seleena K

I’m not a grammar snob or an etiquette freak but not calling me by name makes everything that follows seem very impersonal and insincere.   Kinda like you have a whole bunch of template emails and instead of communicating with me specifically, you use copy-and-paste.

If I’m guilty of doing this and making you feel that way, please call me on it but I have a feeling you won’t find many examples.

Does anyone else feel this way?