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Holiday Prep

Well that was a crazy couple of weeks but I now have time to catch my breath and relax over the holidays.

Our houseguests are safely back in the desert and all my Christmas prep is done. Presents bought and wrapped, Casa Seleena is festively decorated, the fridge is full and the bar is well stocked. Bring on the holidays!

What’s gone on since my last update? Well, my website finally surpassed the 100,000 views plateau one week ago (Monday December 13th). It took a while to get here but you know my feelings; quality before quantity always!

Sara and Mark’s visit was wonderful! I may have a little video for you some time soon but sadly we were just too busy to do any still photos. I hate to admit it but my mind was not really on my site while they were here. I hope you understand.

My imposter is still “impostering” (hehe!) on Yahoo. I filed a complaint in hopes that Yahoo would see the obvious but it appears they need a sworn statement from me with details to support my claim. I’ll do this but I need to understand the action they will take. Simply shutting down a profile is not enough. I need them to block the ip address and file a complaint to the person’s internet service provider. Or provide me with the IP so that I can take care of things. Recent changes to legislation make this identity theft.

I’ve received some legal advice (free!) and know what I can and can’t do.

On another, more positive note, the solstice is here, the lunar eclipse was cool and the holidays are just days away. Where does the time go?

I hope to have some festive photos for you on Friday but I’d like to take a moment now to wish you all the best of the holiday season. Please take the time to tell someone close to you that they’re important to you, just like I’m about to do here.

Thank you all for being a part of my life. You really are important to me!

Merry Christmas. Eat too much! Drink too much! Hug too much!

Bimbo Claus

The holidays are approaching fast and it’s time to get serious about preparing.  I’m giving a garterbelt and stockings to everyone on my list this year.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving and you can never have too many!

And the guys on my list are getting them too.  Oh sure, they’ll pretend that it’s a silly gift but alone and behind closed doors it might not be so silly. *giggles*

And this year I’m not climbing down anyone’s chimney.  Squished boobies and ruined heels is all I have to show for it last year. And some wise guy left me cookies and milk with a note that said “for Bimbo Claus”.  Gimme a break! I was okay with the note, I really was, but milk?  Now I’ve done a little forced lactation play in the past but warm milk in a glass?

I don’t think so.