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A Meeting in the AZ Desert

Drove out to Casa Grande in the morning to meet a retired fetish/bondage model who I’ve been buying lots of clothes from recently.  She’s even more gorgeous now than when she worked in the industry and is just the sweetest woman.  When you see gorgeous people in videos you always wonder about their character and the size of their egos.  She was a refreshing surprise .. truly a classy lady.  I understand how life takes us all in different directions and have total respect for her decision to leave the industry, but it’s a great loss nonetheless.

Then it was “Photo Time”. Did several photo sets with Mark, “photographer extraordinaire”.  I’m thrilled with the results and will be posting a few teasers here soon.  Thank you Mark .. you’re a sweetie!  Then spent a few hours watching the girls on webcam on the Alternative Lifestyle website we frequent.  T-girls like me get a bit of attention on webcam there but there’s nothing like “the real deal”.  They had hundreds of viewers and got lots of great compliments.