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Crime, Punishment and Transition?

SeleenaK_2011-10-21-14.38.17So the US Pentagon is considering Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s move from a military prison to the Federal prison system where treatment for gender “issues” is available.  The dilemma they’re facing is somewhat of a catch 22 in my opinion.

Transgenders are not allowed in the US military, and therefore the treatment for this “disorder” is expulsion from the military.  But Manning can’t be discharged from the service until her sentence has been served.  And since they acknowledge that Manning is transgender, they’re forced to provide treatment or be accused of “cruel and unusual punishment”. So they’re trying to work out an arrangement with the Federal Prison System (who has treatment methods) to accept and treat her without first discharging her.

Now to anger you with my feelings.

In my opinion, Manning is a criminal and a traitor first and foremost.  She is “entitled” to nothing until her sentence has been served.  Although the expectation by the court system that someone found guilty will survive within the penal system until their sentence is served, I believe a minimums of care to make that happen should apply.

Secondly, it’s not unreasonable to believe that Bradley, not Chelsea, committed the  crimes and therefore Bradley, not Chelsea, should serve the time.  Yes, you can claim that Bradley has always been Chelsea, and yes, that’s certainly true but Manning enlisted and existed as a male, and only when there was nothing left to lose, came forward as Chelsea.

Manning is a coward.  She lacked the courage that so many trans folk are able to find that allows them to come out to the world while being fully aware of the potential consequences for doing so.

I understand desperation in a transgender world.  I’ve seen the tragic side of it. I understand the degree of desperation so many feel.  But I can’t help but wonder if Manning sold out her own country to get a government-sponsored gender transition.  Laugh if you like but I know many who feel that thirty five years in prison is a small price to pay to have a body that aligns with the brain.

Integrity means everything and  Manning has none.  She needed to put on her big girl panties, get a job, save her money and pay for her own medical care like every other trans person must. Special consideration should be reserved for those who show they can be great citizens and wonderful people .. not those who show no integrity and exhibit criminal behavior.

I believe the military, if left alone, would handle Manning  appropriately but once the Defense Secretary .. a civilian appointed by an insane regime .. get’s involved, things will quickly get silly.

I wish her a receding hairline *giggle*

Speaking of the inability to wear big girl panties, a Facebook “friend” is just over a month away from her genital reconstruction surgery date and claims to have less than 50 percent of the funds necessary to pay the bills associated with such surgery.  And she’s gone the crowd-funding route to beg for help.

For those of you who are not aware, crowd-funding is a method of raising capital, usually a few dollars each from a lot of contributors, to fund a project.  It started out as a means of bringing a product to market without conventional funding but now includes many “humanitarian” projects.   It’s the 21st century equivalent to panhandling or street begging.

“Fund me!”? Not a chance.  Within my means, I probably give more to others and to charity than most people but I’d be more likely to donate to save the Lyme-disease carrying deer tick foundation than I would to someone with that sense of entitlement.

So this is why transgender people shouldn’t be permitted in the military.  In my opinion, we’re unstable.  Because nature didn’t play by the rules when we wer assigned a gender and a brain, we’re incapable of understanding that, for a society to exist without anarchy, there must be rules .. and the rules won’t please everyone all the time.

We’ll stand behind those who’d sell out their country for estrogen, we book surgical facilities we can’t pay for and expect the world to “fund me”, and yet there are those like me who refuse to jump on anyone’s bandwagon, even when refusing to do so shows an extreme lack of compassion.

Until the world can figure out a reasonable way to deal with us,  let’s all just increase our visibility while we play by the rules, okay?   Because that is the only route to acceptance.



for more information: http://www.aol.com/article/2014/05/14/pentagon-oks-manning-transfer-for-gender-treatment/20885433/?icid=maing-grid7|main5|dl4|sec1_lnk1%26pLid%3D476170