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What Have You Done For Me Lately?



Is that what it’s all about?

I’ve noticed that my website traffic has taken a big hit recently. And blog comments are at an all-time low.

I assume a lot of this is related to the latest change to my site software.  Keeping loyal followers becomes more of an issue when you force everyone to join again.  I apologize for that but unfortunately I just didn’t have the time to figure out how to bring members and their login information forward after my hasty move from the old software.

By `losing`your user info, it’s like I wasn’t loyal to you so why should you be loyal to me?

Or maybe I’m just getting lost in an internet world that continues to add content exponentially.

Either way, this is me, I`m a happy chick and this is where I’m at.

Thank you to those who have been able to track me done here and especially to those who take the time to comment!  Love ya!

I’m Blogging Again

Well, I’ve decided to start updating my blog again.  Not sure why.  Maybe it’s therapeutic to some degree to put thoughts down in print.  Maybe it’s just another place to vent or to share excitement.  I don’t know but I’m giving it another try.

And I’m not doing this for feedback .. I’ve given up on that!  I’ve wrestled with the reasons behind the lack of feedback I get. A comment or two every couple weeks seems disproportionate to the number of visitors I get. In fact, even those closest to me rarely provide feedback or comments.

“The handwriting is on the wall, Seleena!”

The fun, maybe even the thrill, in doing this was to try to understand and maybe even see into the hearts and souls of the faceless people who visit.  But I now understand that you won’t permit that.  You’re more of a mystery to me than I am to you, and it looks like you’re going to remain that way.  So I’m moving forward without you *giggles*  So there!