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My Website’s 3rd Anniversary

Yikes!  I just realized that I missed mentioning that SeleenaK dot com turned 3 years old just over a month ago.

I suppose it’s a meaningless milestone but to me it’s an accomplishment.  I really didn’t expect to still be here but your encouragement has kept me going.

I’ve considered making changes .. big changes .. several times but keep coming back to what seems to work for me and for you right now.

My wardrobe budget is still tight, and my search for a photographer to help me has brought some possibilities but nothing firm yet.  But ya know what?  I’ll continue doing what I’m doing as long as you keep coming back.

Doing this is important to me.  And I do it for you, and for me.

My Website is Two Years Old!

SeleenaK dot com turns 2 years old today!

The last couple years have been interesting, to say the least.  A big learning experience for me as I continue to do what I like doing while trying to measure your reaction to it.  Sometimes your comments are an indication and other times I go to the page hits for insight.

I was expecting that I would have found a clear direction for this site by now but this is not the case.  So until that light goes on, I’ll just continue having fun.

I think my images have improved since I started doing this and I’m grateful for that.

I’ve met some very nice people and received travel and gift offers.  I’ve justified a bit more photog equipment yet I still struggle justifying the expense of video gear even though my “Just Legs” video has been a huge success, at least by my standards, on YouTube.  I experimented with a message board, erotic stories and a site stats page, and my chatroom has been up, down and back up again.

What does the next year have in store for you and I?  Likely more of the same but I’ll be making an effort to do more pics outside the relative safety of a controlled lighting environment, although I’m aware it may increase interest at the expense of image quality.

Thank you to all of you who visit here .. some regularly and some rarely.  Especially those of you who take the time to comment.  I put myself out there into the big pie, and only hope to get a little slice for myself.

Stay tuned!



Happy Birthday seleenak.com!

Happy Birthday seleenak.com!! This website is one year old today!

In the last year, it’s grown from nothing to something small and insignificant … hahaha! But it’s grown, and continues to grow, and I’m happy with the progress.

Oh sure, I had visions of something bigger and more popular by this time but reality showed me that nothing comes easy. There are just so many sites out there that offer more than mine does.

You see, this site falls into a category that only appeals to a small segment of the surfing public. She-male sites, with cocks and boobies everywhere, attract the “show me it all and show me now” group. And the advice-based groups have their own market. The strictly-bondage sites cater to specific interests and are quite popular too. And other personal sites feature girls who are younger and much prettier than me.

It seems that I offer slightly higher quality images and a flare for style that might be a little above the average, but that’s about it.

Would I have done anything differently in hindsight? Not really but I had hoped that by now the site would have found a narrower scope based on the kind of stuff I enjoy doing and the feedback I get. But my interests haven’t become focused and the feedback has been light.

I worry sometimes that I appear arrogant, and the all-about-me thing is something I struggle with. Since this site really is all about me, it’s hard not to come across this way … but please know it’s a little out of character for me being the center of attention .. even on my own website.

I’ve tried some things here that have worked, and tried some things that haven’t worked .. and I learned lots and continue to learn .. to learn a little about me and a little about you.

Soooo … are there changes planned for the next year? Yes. Not sure what they are yet, but things will likely change. Will this become a pay site? Possibly, but the free content you see today will not decrease. The small-ish mouse-over pics would continue here although larger, hi-resolution, easily saveable photos might be available for a small subscription fee. Will it become a “leg site”, featuring mostly just stockings, heels, feet? Maybe. Will it become more x-rated? Possibly, but not likely. Will it vanish completely? That’s possible too. But I look forward to whatever the next year brings, whatever that may be.

In closing, thank you so much for helping me to keep this thing alive. At this time in my life, it’s quite important to me and whether you get some dressing tips from my images or a sexual thrill from them, I’m so glad you keep coming back.