2 thoughts on “Social Media; How Many “Friends” Do We Really Have?”

  1. I am 43 years old, within my life time I passed from one extreme to the other. Young to old, Landline to cell phones, hand writing to text, proper grammar to txt and lol and the list goes on.

    The Irony is that social networks are anti-social. It is now almost impossible to play with your friends unless you own an x-box or a play station. Without a Facebook account you are isolated, unaware of the house parties and local events. Assuming that one choose to socialize, join a sport team or a social club you will likely join a group of people glued to their smart phones texting each other sitting side by side.

    I have a rule at home, when my kids come over for a dinner at the restaurant, the first one that take his or her phone to text picks up the bill … I am considered being a bad dad for it. Preventing my kids to stay in touch, I am also preventing them to share picture of their meal they are about to eat, preventing them to socialize.

    We should be able to sit at a table and talk with our friends and family but I am now an eccentric for requesting to do so. Call me old school if you must, but anti-social I am not. Society will have to seriously reconsider and redesign social etiquette and human personal interaction before it becomes something they talk about in history books in the near future.

    I hope yu read tis with a 🙂
    bcuz b4 u no it it will b 2 late.

    Love to all Liz.

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