She Wins Things, He Doesn’t .. and Lady Sonia

It’s strange how this works. My girl side is much luckier than my guy side.  She wins things – little things, but he never does. Let me tell you about my latest.

I’ve always been a big fan of businesses and personalities who actually use social media. It makes them interesting,  approachable and more attractive to someone like me.

SeleenaK_2886sOne of those personalities I’ve followed for along time on Twitter is Lady Sonia, the British MILF porn lady. Her “schtick” is the unfaithful wife fantasy. I’m not sure if she or her husband does the social media work but she’s quite entertaining. Sexy, interactive, fun and very real.  She also posts some very hot “teaser” photos.

So a few days ago, she asked the question “Quick competition for a free 24 hour pass to what are the *BEST* sheer-to-waist pantyhose (gusset-less) of course?” I pounced with an answer “Cecilia de Raphael 320’s” and won!  So I had tons of quality porn to watch for 24 hours.

Lady Sonia is a very sexy, well-spoken, charming woman with a pretty face, a fabulous body and very large boobs. She almost always wears hosiery and stilettos, her shoot location is fabulous, she plays with lots of gorgeous, extremely hung guys (some black, some white) and even some who are site members. She does some light fetish stuff and occasionally has other women join in but the core of her site is vagina sex, big cocks, blow jobs and hand jobs. Notably missing is anal and girl-girl.

My tastes are a little too pervy to be a member of her site but, I have to say, the action is hot. You can check her out here.

Now, back to my contest winning answer.  If you’re a pantyhose fan, you have to check out Cecilia de Raphael.  Italian-made and quite luxurious, they have many great styles.  My personal favourite are the 320’a.  They’re totally seamless, including the gusset area.  Although that look is quite interesting on a girl like me, I think it works best on a genetic woman.  And for those who are into oral sex through pantyhose, the 320’s are totally yummy.  Not inexpensive but worth the price, in my opinion.

They also make what could be the shiniest pantyhose on the market for those of us into the ultra high-gloss leg look.

Do a web search or visit your fave retailer.  Check them out!

7 thoughts on “She Wins Things, He Doesn’t .. and Lady Sonia”

  1. Lady Sonia is a delicious woman to watch, like you said she is more of a classic porn rather than extreme performer. Definitely worth watching.

    Now Cecilia de Raphael, they look so nice and I mean everything they offer, panties, leotard, pantyhose, stay ups, I LOVE THEM ALL. Do you own a pair ? If you do, how silky do they feel ? How is the support ? Just from the vid I watched after browsing the website they look like they could be the perfect support for the cd / ts. Do you order online or do we have a retailer in Canada ?

  2. Yes, I have a couple pairs of CDR 320 pantyhose. Silky? I’m not totally sure what that feels like but they do feel like high end luxurious nylon, similar to Wolford’s.

    My 320’s have a low and comfortable waistband .. kind of a “hip hugger” style.

    They’re not support hosiery, which I love, but do keep all my parts where I put them 😮

    Until I can find a good source, either in a shop or online, I’ll continue to buy on eBay.

    I always wondered if I could sell nice hosiery like these at trans events. I don’t know if there would be enough demand for that or what the customs and immigration implications would be when selling in the US (where most of the larger events are located).

      1. thanks darlin’ .. that helps. But I’m sure that selling in the US is considered working in the US which they believe is taking jobs away from Americans. I’m guessing this would be the biggest roadblock.

        1. As a web based business your life would be a lot easier. You go there just to represent a website 😉 You still can sell from a Canadian web based business without the hassle of being considered as setting a business in the US.

          1. Yes, my spouse runs a web-based business but they don’t like to hear about it on any level when crossing. What I’d like to do is sell product (hosiery) at events but the more I think about it, the more I realize it couldn’t work in the US. Thanks for discussing this with me, Liz!

  3. Wow what a web site. I am afraid she is too out there for me and I must admit I dislike the ‘C’ word quite intensely but my problem with the site is much deeper than that and quite personal. i admit she is everything you say she is, pretty, great figure and obviously a sexy personality. So why doesn’t she interest me?
    My interest in bondage started when I was in my late twenties. A magazine was handed around the Mess with pictures of bound women in it. I can’t remember if they were photos or drawings. The magazine was German in origin and I was hooked. Pictures of this type were very rare in those days but I think at this time things were-a-changing.
    Even then it was the female form that turned me on;who the hell new what cross dressing was.Much, much later the desire to dress came back into my life and bondage magazines had become more proific. Tried it with my wife but regretfully she didn’t like it. So to the bathroom with hidden magazines.
    Then I started to dress openly and found out I had submissive and dominant tendencies. I think it is called switching. My sub. tendencies are much stronger than my dom side and the bondage continued to be significant. Only now I was the victim and most of the pictures of CDs in bondage that I see I put myself in their shoes. Six inch heels or not. I stlll enjoy women in bondage, particularly of the Klaw/Wiley ilk, it must be an age thing. My imagination runs riot so there is a lot more to me than described here but it is the main event so to speak. So pure porn does not do much for me. My porn has to be spiced up with imaginative little stories. I am afraid this bang, bang thank you Mam doesn’t cut it.
    Hugs, Pauline

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