On The Road to Sin City – Day 5

Wow!!!  The view from the Seleena-mobile was surreal today.  The Colorado Rockies are gorgeous as is Vail and and the other small ski resort towns in the area.  Temperature in the mountains was in the high 50’s and very sunny, and the ski hills were very much alive.

But things got even more dramatic in Utah. I’ve been a big fan of the Arizona desert for several years but I have to tell you; AZ has nothing on UT when comes to raw, pristine, mountainous desert.  If I wasn’t supposed to be in Vegas on Monday, I’d still be a few hundred miles east of here, staring in disbelief.  Red rock, black rock, gold rock, blue rock with just a touch of snow for emphasis.

High desert temperatures in the mid 70’s. Perfect.

I know .. you don’t read this blog to hear about scenery and I normally don’t write about this kind of thing but really, everyone needs to see this once in their lifetime.

Regarding the bimbo adventure; nothing eventful today. Interesting glances at fuels stops and rest areas but that’s it. And traveling all day in stockings and heels is actually quite comfortable. But I’m not really a good judge of “comfortable or not”.

One more day on the road and I’m there!

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