On The Road to Sin City – Day 2

It’s the heels.  It’s always the heels!  Not so much the height but the heels .. many women along the way are much taller than me.  But “click, click, click” into a restaurant or rest area and heads turn.  Oh well.  All has been cool so far.  Although those signs that say “No firearms permitted in the visitor’s center” are a little unnerving.  Why would anyone consider bring a gun to the bathroom?  In case there’s no “tissue” and you need to get assertive?

The temperature has been rising since turning southwest from Lake Erie and that city with the big arch thingy was in the low 90’s today.  Yum!  Spring has really taken hold here.

The truck drivers are nice to me.  They like to try to drive beside me as I pass them .. I think to protect me from evil.  Thanks guys!

Had a quick visit and a nice dinner today and now it’s time for some “chillaxing” before heading into the land of Dorothy and Toto tomorrow in the rain. “Ad astra per aspera” .. yikes!

Latex wear would be appropriate except for the leather seats.

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