On The Road to Sin City – Day 1

I’m on the road headed for a “bimbo-thon” in “Sin City”!

Day One .. in boi-mode today because I didn’t want any problems getting into the US.  Great weather for driving though I only got as far as south western OH after 8 hours on the road.  But all is good!  I hope to have some pics to share eventually but nothing yet.

But you know, it’s no wonder I tend to draw attention when doing road trips like this.  Most women dress like they’re going out to work in the garden when traveling.  I know .. ‘but I need to be comfortable”.  Yeah .. whatever.  You’re not exactly working up a sweat running across the country.

Thank gawd I get to travel with my Kim. She’s gorgeous, even when on the road!

Sleepy now. zzz zzz zzzz

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