No Longer Accepting Gifts

The mailing address previously listed on my Gift page is no longer valid. I ran into a situation there just before Christmas where I was led to believe there was a parcel waiting for me but on my arrival it was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t waiting for a personal order so I can only assume it was from one of you. Or maybe it was just a mistake on their end.

Having something go missing is not as much of an issue as not knowing who might have sent it. Needless to say our conversation didn’t go well and I promised that I would not renew there. So time has run out.

If you’ve saved this address, please delete it. I’ll provide another one closer to home (right here in the city) when it becomes available.

My wishlists are all turned off and I’m not accepting gifts these days so hopefully this will not be an issue.

But thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who were kind enough to send my gifts recently!

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