The Wildside Girls, My New Garter Belts and My Friend Lola

My girlfriends from Wildside are all in Las Vegas right now and I just know they’re having an awesome time. My Kim, my ‘man in black’ and I got to watch them on webcam last night from the party suite. Everyone looked wonderful and I really wished I was there with them. But a very important commitment keeps me at home this year and I have no regrets in not going to Las Vegas. There’s always next year.

My new garter belts arrived and they’re nearly perfect. The waist fit is great and the garter straps are really really short. I just wish that the back garter strap was positioned a little differently. It doesn’t line up, straight as an arrow, with the back seam loop in my stockings. But I’m not complaining .. they’ll work just fine for me. I hope to show you what they look like soon.

I’d like to acknowledge a dear friend of mine on a huge accomplishment. Lola Lamour, from the gorgeous area south of San Francisco, is now a black belt in jiu-jitsu. It was almost 5 years of hard work and focus that got her there and I’m so proud of her. She’s like a ninja only way hotter 🙂 Not only gorgeous but lethal too 🙂 Congrats darlin’! Enjoy Las Vegas .. you deserve some chill time. Chill time in Las Vegas? Not a chance! But still … enjoy.

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