Marriage Equality, Batman, and Jenner

an early morning walkA couple things have been on my mind so I thought I should write them down.  Because, god forbid, I should forget them and be unable to rehash them over and over  in my head ad nauseum.

First off, congrats to all the same sex couples pondering marriage in the US.! Finally!  It’s unfortunate that this  came down the way it did but it’s still a good thing .. kinda.   Your country is even further divided now but as long as we’re on the side that “won”,  we’re happy, yes?

I know many of you don’t see things this way but using the hashtag #LoveWins implies that someone lost.   And, honestly, that’s not a good way to look at this.  Celebrate, but don’t construct a loser.

Another thing I’ve been seeing lots lately in tgirl monologues;  an increasing number of girls in my circle are once again referring to themselves in the third person.  You know, “I went out as Jennifer“. Or “… it’s all about being Stephanie“.   Or “they finally met Lisa“.

Seriously, unless you consider this a costume, you didn’t go out AS anyone.  You are you, even though many of you sometimes present in girl mode or guy mode.

But I once went out as Batman.  And no one took me seriously either.

And lastly,  the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing continues to go down the path I predicted.  Her net worth is increasing dramatically while she continues to make fluff transgender statements in her lingerie.

A few in the trans community have caught on, but the rest continue to ride her bandwagon.   So I’m going to make another prediction.  Emotional instability, or even worse, for Ms Jenner in the near future.

She still seems very uncomfortable with her new reality.   It’s time for her to leave the public eye to internalize and reflect under the watchful eye of a good therapist.

But if you’re going to stay out there, please don’t speak on my behalf.

4 thoughts on “Marriage Equality, Batman, and Jenner”

  1. I’m one of those who has stated things like “They met Jane” or “I told them about Jane”. I do it to identify that aspect of my life. It’s not a costume and no matter what I wear I am me. That said, expressing myself in that manner releases a sense of happiness that is often missing when I present as male.
    Recently I had to go back to my home town. I have always hated going back because it has a very negative impact on me.
    My wife has seen how I am when I’ve had to go back so this time she said to me “You are much happier and positive when you are expressing Jane aren’t you? So even though you can’t dress as Jane, think as Jane and take her mindset with you.” For the first time I was actually able to approach the visit positively and as a result it was a good experience for all of us.

    Thus I can separate those two elements of my life; my male self with an unpleasant past and my femme self that is helping to ensure a much more pleasant future.

    As for whether people take me seriously or not, even that doesn’t worry me anymore.

  2. Hi Seleena,
    Interesting commen on “you are you”. I was having this discussion recently with a mutual friend of ours and it opened my eyes to this reality. She like me doesn’t crossdress. We go out or spend time at home in our feminine personna. and sometimes we go out ar spen time at home in out male personna. We are being who we are; we are not men in dresses.

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