“Know when to ‘shush’, Seleena.”

SeleenaK20160309_220013sGood advice .. from me to me.  Just wish I would have heard that advice a little sooner.  But avoiding the politics of life is just not easy these days.

So on that note, I haven’t had much to say here lately.  But I think that’s okay.

Other that the upcoming visit from sweeties D and C (which I’m really, really looking forward to), I’m still laying low and staying in a world where smiling is easy.

Because smiling is important, isn’t it?

8 thoughts on ““Know when to ‘shush’, Seleena.””

  1. Hi Seleena!
    Sounds like the “opinionaters” might be getting the best of you…. I really do know how you feel. Sometimes (for me, anyway) it’s best to …. Let it go …… (Damn! There’s that stupid song again! Now that ear worm will be with me all day!!)

    But, I have to say this… it’s because you had an opinion and a voice that that others have felt empowered to speak up, change their lives, or just plain feel better about themselves! I know I am one of those people. And I will ALWAYS be very thankful for you speaking your mind, however unpopular you may perceive it to be. You’ve helped me to not be intimidated by the TG PC Police…. and to understand more about the ways we interact with this crazy world around us.

    And therefore, my next thought is “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”……. Or in this case….. “Nobody shushes my friend Seleena!” 🙂 I will drive right up there, find the offender, and let them feel the wrath of a girl whose pantyhose are too tight and whose Coach bag swings solidly. Sweetie, they won’t know what hit them. No, really, they won’t.
    But they won’t be telling anyone to shush anytime soon, either… 🙂

    And then, of course, you and I can walk away, fix our hair, re-apply our lipstick, and go have a salad and a Manhattan. And we’ll feel really good about ourselves. Sound good?

    Big, big hugs…..

    1. Sound good? That sounds fabulous!

      Looking forward to sharing that salad and Manhattans with you in a couple weeks. And thanks for brightening up the place. You’re the best, gorgeous girl.


  2. Never shush my dear. We can all agree to disagree, but never let them silence you.

    Just wanted to also say that from your recent photo posts you are looking even better. Very awesome Seleena, you are a stunning beauty.

    xo JaimeH

  3. Seleena!
    I was perusing your blog and was thinking “oh, my goodness…it’s been how long since I’ve seen you?” May seems like a lifetime ago…and yet it’s just been a few months. We enjoyed so much our time with you and K, and can’t wait to do it again…… Hugs, honey!


    1. Dea, it hasn’t even been two months! haha! But it seems like forever. I know.

      Keep having fun and let’s do it again when it works for you. The door here is always open for you, so if you feel like another trip to the Great White North (which is actually due west for you), bring it on. It was huge fun for us to have you here.


  4. Sometimes the best way to shush is to realise that you’re wasting your breathe on whoever you’re talking to. Then you just walk away and allow yourself to be as happy as you have a right to be.

    As Dea and Jamie said, don’t let anyone silence you unless you want it to be so.



    1. thanks for the comment, Jane.

      And to the rest of you who took the time to comment, thanks. But it didn’t help. ha!.

      There’s an old movie that starts with a writer sitting at a cool old typewriter. He types a few words, frowns, yanks the paper out of the typewriter, crumples it up and tosses it into the trash can. He then inserts another piece of clean, white paper into the typewriter and repeats the process.

      Well, I’ve been doing that since May .. over and over again. I feel the need to speak .. to explain .. to share my feelings .. but the words escape me. I guess it’s really a plea for me to find a handful of the planet who share many of my views on the world today and on life in that world for a person with trans tendencies.

      I’ll share those thoughts when I find a way to express them, but for now I must run. I need to empty that trash can .. again.

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