Keystone Conference 2016

SeleenaK_2011-10-21-14.38.17I’m home from yet another fun Keystone Conference and thought I’d share my feelings on this one.

The Good:  The weather in Harrisburg PA was almost summer-like.  The drive, both ways, was nice and it was great to go out each night with just a light jacket or sweater.

Once again, the nice people at the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel treated us very well.  I booked a room on the Club Floor, as I always do, because of the little perks available up there and it was fabulous as always.

Friends!  Got to hang with my best event friend Dianne.  She’s made a marvelous recovery from back surgery and was rocking the heels once again.

My Kim and I got to spend a lot of time with our newest friends, D and C! Wanted to bring them home with us and keep them forever .. haha! … but instead we’ll just look forward to seeing them again soon.  (I’d love to post a pic of Dea and I here but will seek her permission before doing so. Update: ‘Permission Granted”!! Photo below)

And that hot chick from Kentucky was there.  It was a pleasure, and fun, to hang with Barbara Ann again.

I got to see Scarlett, from Scarlett’s Makeovers, again.  Should have had her do my makeup but I didn’t.  But I got the word that Scarlett’s Maine Event is on again this September.  But more on that in another post.

with my friend Dea. She’s a hottie, huh? Yes!

The conference lunches in the ballrooms each day were fabulous.  They just get better every year.

The dinner restaurant selection was excellent and the transportation to and from the various restaurants was wonderful.  Carrabbas Italian Grill in Mechanicsburg, watchng the thoroughbred’s race while dining at  Mountainview Restaurant at Hollywood Racetrack and Casino, and gourmet pizza at Bricco … enjoyed them all.

The Not So Good;  Keynote speakers each day were almost intolerable for someone like me.  Who do they think they’re talking to?

US politics was on everyone’s mind and discussing it was unavoidable.  I understand the passion, but not the presumption that everyone there is bend in the same direction.

That feminization lady from New York (I won’t mention her name), who I had spoke so highly of in the past, was snotty to me.  It appears we’ve gone from being on a first name basis to completely voiding eye contact.  I can only assume it’s because I’m not viewed as a potential revenue source.  Oh well.  Everyone comes out of her makeup sessions looking like clones anyway.  haha!


In Conclusion:  I’ll very likely go again next year,  but I suppose it depends on if my friends will be there.  As much as I love this conference, I’m starting to feel as though this event, like most of the others, needs to work harder for someone like me if they hope to continue receiving my registration fees.

I need a keynote speaker to stand up there and tell us, without being patronizing, that it’s okay … no, more than okay .. it’s fabulous to NOT go full time and to NOT have surgery.  To thank us for keeping our shit together while the few try to push their way into society via legislation.

But I’m going off on a tangent, aren’t I?

Keystone is a wonderful event.  And, in my opinion, one of the best of the big  ones.  You should go!

The dates for the 2017 Keystone Conference are March 22-26.

6 thoughts on “Keystone Conference 2016”

  1. Hi Seleena!
    Well, you probably know what I’m going to say. I couldn’t agree more!
    Though I would love to post some opposing views and get a real discussion heated up (!), C and I really felt the same way about Keystone – our first time there. For us, the conference speakers and classes were not of interest in the least. BUT..the friends, the socialization, the events…were incredibly fun. We had a blast. Even our drive from Massachusetts was fun; good weather and a stop in New Hope and Philly for fun shopping rounded out the trip.

    And, you know of course, that if we could have fit into a suitcase….we have GLADLY gone home with you!

    For anyone reading this…I would highly recommend getting out and going to Keystone for a great social experience.


  2. Hi Seleena,
    As you obviosly know Gai and I weren’t at Keystone but I feel I must follow up on your post.
    I agree, these large events are somewhat same o’l, same o’l. Your comment on the attitude of thos girls who have gone all the way is quite remarkable. There were a group of post-op girls in the organization you love to hate lol, who firstly think they are somehow superior to us lesser beings and as such move away from us and have nothing to do with us peons. One of them gave a talk at a certain function I was at and it was nothing more than a ‘woe is me now I am female tirade’. Maybe she should have thought through the possible problems before surgery so they could be managed. Like you I am more than happy with what I am and most of the legislation wonks don’t speak for me. It is a good job the world is not perfect. Just how boring would it be.

    1. We missed you two at Keystone, Pauline.

      The trannier-than-thou girls are everywhere, aren’t they? And they’re as judgmental as an bible-thumper ever was. The woe-is-me tirade you describe is quite twisted. To me, it sounds like a very shallow attempt to disguise arrogance and to get attention.

      Speaking of those needing attention, what about the showboat from the province to the right, who gives seminars on being real and being positive and being awesome? The one who’s life is so messed up she should be seeking help instead of trying to provide it.

      I think the vast majority share our feelings on this silliness but very few have the balls (eeek!) to say it. I’m done supporting those who judge .. morally, financially and at the polls.

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