Jessica Who

For the past couple of months, I’ve been following Jessica-Who on Twitter.  I believe Jessica found me there, and as always, I checked out her tweets to see if a reciprocal “follow” was in order.  Wow, was I impressed!

Twitter is used by many to bring attention to their “other” initiatives and this is the case with Jessica.  Her tweets are always fun and include the latest TG happenings from the news and entertainment world but the excitement starts at her linked website. is a very professional, great looking, informative, entertaining blog site centered around all things transgendered.  It’s written with personality, humor and compassion, and is updated often.  Not all topics will apply to everyone but I honestly believe that you’ll enjoy most everything there.

Jessica’s married and quite young by (ahem) my standards (I won’t tell you what she said upon learning of my employment status .. lol) and brings a fresh outlook to many of the life experiences we’ve all been through in the early stages of our transgendered “careers”, albeit many years ago.

I’ve chosen an email subscription but there are other ways to follow Jessica, if email isn’t your style.

Please check her out!

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