Hopeful or Hopeless? I Choose the Former

seleenak_134644webI get it now.

After being in “shush” mode for several months,  and at the prompting of several people (“never shush, Seleena, ever!”)  I’m now feeling like it’s safe to “speak” again.   And, strangely, the US Presidential election is the catalyst.

No, I’m not a Donald J. Trump fan … quite the contrary …  but, since the US election, I feel exonerated to some degree for my feelings about the hateful left.  I now realize that I’m not alone in my disdain for them, or rather that my feelings might very well be shared by the majority, many of whom I respect immensely.

In my opinion, hatred and divisive feelings have grown exponentially in the last 8 years to a point worse than at any time my life and it weighs heavily on me.

I cherish nothing more than democracy, and the behaviors we’ve been seeing from the so-called “progressives”, especially post-election, indicate that a great many feel that democracy only works if their views rule supreme.  Not exactly progressive at all.

It will take some time to undo the “thought police”, politically correct. my-way-or-the-highway society they were able to build in 8 years but the ‘undo’ has begun.

Even Oprah Winfrey gets it.  (‘Gave Me Hope’ – ‘Everybody Can Take a Deep Breath Now’)

As I travel through life, disagreeing with more of my “sisters” than I agree with, please know that I would never want to change how you feel.  I respect free thought too much to ever do that.

But in expressing how you feel, and hearing my feelings, it could very well indicate that we have little in common.  And that’s okay too!

So Brexit has happened, a bit of a revolution has started in the US,  and there are enough-is-enough rumblings along this line in France and Italy too. So in the near future, it just might be okay to come out of the repressed shadows with our own personal feelings without being labelled a hater.  Though labelled I was.

I don’t need a community to hide behind.  Millions have spoken .. the vast majority aren’t radical  monsters or religious right extremists at all .. and my feelings of love and hatred have been validated.  I will no longer be judged … for my age, my ethnicity, my nationality, my political views, how far down this path I plan to go, for how much of my time I spend in girl mode, nor where (and how often) I’m out in public, or how I choose to dress when I’m out there.

And a silly man in the US made it happen for me.  Yikes!

So, have a nice life and I will too.  And avoid my blog if it offends you.

8 thoughts on “Hopeful or Hopeless? I Choose the Former”

  1. Good for you! I feel the issue is that people tend to get too defensive or offensive in their stance. Just stop and listen to what another has to say. You may not agree, but the open hostility is just unnecessary. It will (and to some degree has) cause a great rift in a great country.

    1. I suppose part of my struggle was that I really ~had~ listened to what others had to say .. over and over and over … and took much of it to heart. And they were saying the same thing, but always with the “wrong” result. And, in time, it became harder and harder to remain a good listener.

      Thanks for the comment, JoAnne!

  2. Hi Seleena,

    A thoughtful post indeed and am glad you are not staying shushed. We have not been able to engage as much in discussion these last several months as I would have liked but that was due to my schedule and nothing else. I have missed our late night chats on PSC at times

    I think we as humans have forgotten how to communicate. Part of communication is being able to thoughtfully listen and then engage in civil discourse. I would agree that society as a whole went too far with political correctness and frankly I am tired of it. I am not supporting racism or intolerance, but rather I think people should be entitled to have their own opinions and viewpoints without trying to shove them down your throat for not conforming to some populist or majority opinion.

    I am afraid for the younger generations who are relying too heavily on social media, just this girls opinion btw. I sense they are not learning how to communicate thoughtfully in the first place. The internet makes it way too easy to just spew forth any old opinion without really trying to have a discussion. Couple that with observations of kids rather text their friends even if they are in the same room rather than talk is frightening on another level.

    I would have to agree with your point about the level of hate that really has come more from the left and the so called liberals for not conforming to their views. I find it so ironic that those clambering for inclusion and openness are the first ones to instantly get upset and shut out others if there way is not followed. Its like they have forgotten about free speech and the importance of hearing other viewpoints to form a more well rounded opinion. Alas I could go off on so many different threads…

    The bottom line, thank god you have independent thought darling and just be you. You are already fine and I would not consider you a hater, even if we agreed to disagree…(smiling, just trying to be funny).

    Take care, JaimeH

    1. Hi Jaime,

      I agree that we’ve lost the ability to communicate. I know the methods of communicating .. the tools .. have changed but communication is communication whether it’s IP-based, face-to-face or coming from smoke signals off in the distance. So I’m not so quick to blame social media but totally agree that most never learn thoughtful communication at all.

      Yes, sweet, we can always agree to disagree when we’re not totally aligned. A good example of this is that site you mentioned .. the one where we first met. I know you enjoy it there and I too miss our late night chats but, in my opinion, that site exploits much of what’s wrong in the way we communicate.

      But we always find the diamond in the rough, don’t we? I’m just not able to ignore the stolen underage photos that fly around that site, and the fact that most there appear okay to allow it to continue unchecked.

      Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

      1. Hi Seleena,

        Saw you briefly on PSC yesterday but was on my phone and only had a few minutes to chat before real life took over again.

        Just so you know that I do not find underage photos acceptable. However, after reading several postings by you and electricgurl, I am afraid that my continued use of the site may have been implicit approval even though I find anything about underage to be inherently wrong. So my failure to speak out if I thought a photo was inappropriate is a failure in its own right. Hard to type that, but I guess sometimes the truth does hurt.

        I do not think I saw anything blatant or I would have stood up; however, I may have seen some photos thinking the image was borderline. Unfortunately I choose the easy path to just ignore the person and their photos and move on. So sometimes in discourse, perhaps we need to revisit our own personal compass at times. You have given me some things to consider.

        I love to be social, and certain sites can allow you to be just that. Some sites even include content such as pictures. Visual images among consenting adults can be fun; however, I am not 100% visually motivated. I tend to gravitate to the social interactions. From that perspective I have met several fine friends there which keeps me going back.

        Not condoning my participation on that site, nor absolving myself of not standing up when I had the chance, just sharing to be understood. Thanks for listening and thanks for challenging my views, which is healthy.

        Take care, JaimeH

        1. Jaime, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I know many share our feelings but unfortunately many also turn a blind eye. Although I do know at least two regulars who left for this reason, but they left quietly. Which I did not. Yikes!

          And without being offensive, I can’t tell you how many people use the ‘borderline’ escape route when discussing many of those pics …. unless I ask them privately, in real time, about a specific photo. Then it’s undeniably underage.

          So, to be honest, my issue is as much with the “borderline” people on that site as with the person sexualizing kids.

          But that’s just me. Hope I haven’t upset things there. And yes, I too have a couple friends there. But they choose to praise the kiddie poster publicly while condemning him in private.

          Sorry hon .. I just should have just quietly thanked you for the comments (which I really do appreciate!).

  3. My how time has lapsed as it tends to do as we age. Things tend to feel like they keep moving faster and faster every year. Anyway thoughtful discourse is to be encouraged among participants which will hopefully lead to open communications which can be stimulating and hopefully open minds to at least listen to understand. As always take care of yourself hun, and a saying I have heard some utter seems appropriate …”I appreciate you”

    xo, JaimeH

    1. Jaime, I appreciate you too. I really do.

      But I have to ask. Is Electricgurl still allowing that person to post “borderline” (sic) underage photos? I popped in to the site briefly to get a feel for that and wasn’t able to.

      Further to this, I was able to speak to someone trained in analyzing such behavior about the dude and was told it was red flag behavior and the key is that it “persists even after confrontation”. The person speculated that we’re likely only seeing the somewhat benign tip of a rather ugly iceberg.

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