Home From Vacation

Home again.  Time to get unpacked, do some laundry and reflect on a fabulous vacation.  And unload the camera!

Although I really should have taken more photos at the Fetish Ball, I’m a very discreet girl and just don’t feel comfortable posting pics without the express consent of everyone in the shot.  But regardless .. the excitement that I felt would most certainly have been lacking in the images.

So I’ll be answering your emails, both here and on the other sites, and starting to prepare more photo albums to appear here in the near future.

It’s also time to start thinking about shooting a new banner photo with a holiday theme to be used here on my site for the month of December.

As much as I wanted to attend the Exotica event in Detroit this weekend, it looks like I’ll have to miss this one 🙁 .  I still haven’t fully recovered from my vacation.  But if you go to it, please send me an email and tell me all about it!  And have a great time!

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