Fashion versus Fetish

SeleenaK_9927sAs an observer of fashion over the years, I’ve come to a conclusion.  Sure, this may be a well-known fact to others but for me, it’s a new concept .. and the implications are scary.

I’ve come to the conclusion that today’s fashion is tomorrow’s fetish.  This is likely common knowledge to many but a revelation to me.  I’m not sure if this can be an all-encompassing statement about human behaviour and sexual perversity but we, as pervy humans, tend to fetishize things that had a sexual impact on our development, often at a very young age.

Guys and T-girls seem most likely to acquire a life long fetish but it certainly happens to women too.

The dictionary defines a fetish as a sexual attraction to an inanimate object.  Although I certainly shouldn’t question Webster, that definition conjures up images of a lonely perv whacking to a pair of women’s panties that mysteriously moved from her laundry basket to his at the Laundromat.

My definition is somewhat looser than that.  I tend to think of a fetish as an attraction to anything that consistently conjures up feelings of eroticism in an individual, that is not already part of the male or female anatomy.  Feet, seamed stockings and high heels are common fetish items.  Big red clown noses are a little less common <grins>.

And fetishes are best appeased only occasionally, to allow us all to get on with life.  Let’s face it, if your fetish was big red clown noses and everyone on the street wore them, you wouldn’t get a lot done.

Therein lies the sadness to my observation, and you just know this is leading to a discussion of legs since I’m obviously a leg girl.

It seems that when seamed stockings were everyday wear for most women, little emphasis was placed on them sexually .. that came later.  After the disco years, when spandex “everything” went out of style (thank god), an increased fetish interest in “all things spandex” started to appear.  And now that pantyhose have vanished from everyday life, the pantyhose fetish crowd is growing .. and I can personally make this observation because I’m seeing an increasing number of requests for pantyhose pics on my site.  Even Lady Gaga is careful to show the reinforced part of her pantyhose on stage to leave no doubt that she’s wearing them.

So, where does that leave us going forward?  Bare legs, in my opinion, don’t qualify as a fetish since they’re part of the anatomy.  Does the casual comfort-based look women have chosen leave the next generation of fetishists with a choice of cotton sweats, denim or microfiber?  And regarding women’s footwear .. flip flops, track shoes, fluffy slippers?

Maybe schoolgirl skirts and knee-high socks will continue their popularity but the symbolism of that outfit is .. well, you know .. a little twisted when the admirer is older and might be more about role-play than fetish.

So I’m calling on the fine hosiery manufacturers of the world .. Hanes, Wolford, Legs, etc .. to do something .. anything .. to revive their industry.

If not in the interest of corporate profits, think of the next generation of fetishy pervs.  Because if a marketing response to the downward trend doesn’t happen soon from you, I’m going to start wearing a big red clown nose.

(originally published in my blog October 29, 2009)

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