Economic Worries

Now I’m starting to worry.  I know you didn’t come to this site to hear more gloom and doom about what’s going on with the world economy but this is finally starting to scare me, and it may impact this website.

I’ve booked and paid for a trip to the desert for later this month, and will certainly have a great time in both Las Vegas and southern Arizona, but if I had realized that things would get this bad, I really wouldn’t have done this one.

Although the federal election here in Canada on the 14th should be inconsequential, the one in the US in November can cause the pendulum to swing so far in the other direction that it flies off into oblivion.  Stop the insanity USA!

If I’m going to have to start selling my cheap ass on street corners, I’m going to need lots of fishnets, and there are costs associated with that. *giggling*

On a more positive note, I’ve just published a photo album that is a little more “personal” than the stuff I’ve been sharing.  Hope you like it .. and as always, your feedback is appreciated.

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