4 thoughts on “Ebola – is this the big one?”

  1. The ancient Chinese concept of ying/yang certainly seems to apply here. The elimination of remoteness by way of faster, simpler and more affordable international travel, has opened access to the rest of the world to many more people. The down side is that it has brought us together in negative ways as well and diseases such as the Ebola virus, or even ‘bird flu’, can now impact many more of us.

    I was listening to a health report on the radio and a senior representative of the World Health Organisation said he wants people to be fearful of Ebola because that way they are less likely to ignore or improperly implement infection control proceedures.

    The whole thing is quite scary but I believe that the Ebola situation will be brought under control. I may be cynical though. I suspect that now that the virus has reached the Western world there may be a bit more effort put into finding a more effective treatment/cure for it.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jane. Makes total sense to me.

      The only thing that confuses me is that the WHO is telling us to fear Ebola yet the western world seems to be downplaying the risks. No travel bans, airport screening by non-medical people, governments (including ours) are telling us there no need to worry, etc

      How did the Spanish nurse contract the disease? The protests going on there now by healthcare workers is highlighting the fact that ~despite~ precautions, she’s now sick.

      Time will tell, I suppose.

  2. I heard an update today – apparently the Spanish nurse has now stated that she might have broken infection control procedure by scratching her face before she removed her potentially contaminated clothing.

    The secret lies in adhering to infection control but as you say, Western governments have yet to start getting serious about it. Brings to mind the scene from ‘Jaws’ when the mayor of Amity wants to downplay the danger because of the potential damage to tourism, and thus income. We all know how that panned out.

    1. Exactly. Nigeria eradicated this round of the disease in it’s earliest stages by dealing with it aggressively.

      Having spend a good part of my working life in a non-medical discipline that deals with this sort of thing, I’m convinced that much of the world has been looking for guidance from a “superpower” that’s totally incompetent and unprepared.

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