eBay Auction

I won an eBay auction today for a black “Hooters” uniform.  Black top, black shorts, typical Hooters “Tamara” pantyhose, white slouch socks.  On the advice of the seller, I bought size “small” .. yikes, this might be a bit extreme but we’ll see how it goes.

Although wearing running shoes with it might be fun, typically T-girls like me can’t wear running shoes and maintain the right balance.  The effect of high heels is to lessen the distance between the tips of the toes and the heels (the higher the heel, the more pronounced the effect is) thereby making the foot appear smaller .. more “lady-like.  Running shoes don’t do this, so since I’ll likely wear heels with the uniform, a black uniform seemed best.

A photo album will appear here somewhere down the road.

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