Don Sterling – Banned for How Long?

Wait just a minute America!  You’re applauding what?

Yes, LA Clippers owner Don Sterling is an ass and he won’t be hanging out at Casa Seleena any time soon but really?  A recording of a private phone call between he and his girlfriend gets him banned from the NBA for life, causes him to lose his franchise AND gets him a $2+ million fine?

He made no hateful public statements.  He doesn’t appeared to have treated anyone poorly. In fact, he was scheduled to receive an award from the NAACP.  Bringing the wrath of the politically-correct down on him because of a private conversation is like punishing him for the way he thinks, in my opinion.

Yes, racism is despicable but the day we start punishing people for the way they think is the day we are officially living in an authoritarian Orwellian world.  And all other freedoms mean nothing.

And yet when Jay-Z wears a symbol publicly that symbolizes an ideology that claims “White people are the devil”,  he only “raises eyebrows”?  Really?  That’s all?

So racism doesn’t work in both directions.

I listened to the entire TMZ phone recording and honestly didn’t see the cause for all the alarm.  Yes, he’s an asshole but to many people out there, you and I are assholes too.  His issue with “black people” seemed more related to a concern about having to deal with the perceptions of his peers regarding the behavior of an NBA owner’s girlfriend. 

He, himself, is in a bi-racial relationship.  How many bigots can claim that?

If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.” ~ James Goldsmith

How much money did his girlfriend receive from TMZ for distributing his thoughts which were certainly recorded without his permission?  Honestly, this was a very private discussion within the couple .. emotions were running high and both were speaking “off the cuff”.

Sometimes we have to put aside the smaller stuff in favour of the big stuff.  This was small stuff.  But freedom of thought is huge.

Your comments?

One thought on “Don Sterling – Banned for How Long?”

  1. The news is out this morning that Sterling’s wife has had him declared mentally incompetent giving her the power to sell the Clippers to Steve Ballmer of Microsoft.

    Let me get this straight. Because he stated unpopular personal feelings in a private conversation, a man is declared incompetent?

    US lefties must be careful that these precedents and mindsets don’t return to bite them huge when the righties gain control again.

    I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of thought .. both of which appear to be in short supply in the US these days.

    God help America.

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