DES Survey

 Trying to Understand Why We Are The Way We Are

Diethylstilbestrol (DES) was administered to women for three or four decades to reduce the risk pf miscarriage.  It is believed by some that male children from those pregnancies show high prevalence of intersex-related genital abnormalities, gender dysphoria, and impaired spermatogenesis and abnormally low testosterone production later in life

The types of changes to a male fetus caused by this therapy  are determined by the stage of fetal development when the hormone is administered.

You are encouraged to read the article that prompted this non-scientific poll before answering the survey questions.
But to summarize, the purpose of this survey, it is an attempt to support or discredit a published article that claims a connection between DES therapy in pregnant women and transgenderism in their male children. (“DES sons”)

For those of us who often  ask “Why me?”, this is potentially huge.

Once again, this is not a scientific survey! But please answer the question(s) as they pertain to you specifically.  Even if you feel that none of this applies to you, please quickly run through the survey and answer accordingly.

Thank you for your participation!  When returning to check results, click  here for the results only page.

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