By Name, Please


When we meet or see someone we know someone in person, do we address them by name?  I think so.

Yet online, so many don’t take the time.  I get emails that start “Hello,”  or “hi”.  No “Hello Seleena” or “Hi Bimbo”.. hehe.

I paid good money for this name, and would like to get my money’s worth! ~Seleena K

I’m not a grammar snob or an etiquette freak but not calling me by name makes everything that follows seem very impersonal and insincere.   Kinda like you have a whole bunch of template emails and instead of communicating with me specifically, you use copy-and-paste.

If I’m guilty of doing this and making you feel that way, please call me on it but I have a feeling you won’t find many examples.

Does anyone else feel this way?

3 thoughts on “By Name, Please”

  1. Hi Seleena,
    You are absolutely right, I am very guilty ofi it my self. It’s more a piece of laziness than anything else. If I have done to you I am sorry

    1. Oh gawd Pauline. I wasn’t referring to anyone I know in real life, and especially not you!

      My comment/bitch was about the online world. It’s cold and impersonal enough online without skipping names to make it even more so. haha!

  2. I try to use names, mostly so that the person knows that it’s actually them that I’m greeting. That said, some chat applications enable one to to direct a comment specifically to a person and automatically inserts their name. At those times I occasionally feel awkward if I use their name as well. It’s like doubling up.

    The online world can be cold and impersonal and as a result some people find it easy to make harsh comments to others that they’d not be willing to do in person. It thus becomes the lair of the coward as well.

    Still, I’ve ‘met’ some very lovely people on line. 😉

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