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Seleena Kay is a mature transgender blogger and web model who lives in Canada. Her views on life and the transgender community are often controversial.

Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball

Las Vegas .. there really are few cities like it.  Larger-than-life.  A monument to excess.

My trip this time was as exc_MG_6926siting as any in the past.  Kim and I got to spend lots of time with My barbie.  Barbie took great care of us, providing the wheels for getting around, as well as booze to keep us loose.  She also prepared a fantastic dinner for us, that we enjoyed along with a rather expensive bottle of wine that barbie picked especially for that dinner.  And like the good maid that she is, she made us an after dinner drink to enjoy while she cleaned up.  Thank you barbie, for a wonderful time!

We went to Lee Ann’s birthday party on Friday night at the Wyndham and I finally got to meet her.  A gorgeous women who didn’t miss any opportunity to get out her flogger.

Nicole Lashes had invited us to the party for her partner, and meeting her also was wonderful.  She’s even nicer in person than she is online.  Hope to spend more time with her in the future.

Also got to hang with Tricia, Spirit, Shavonna, Shock and Amber (more on Shavonna and Spirit in a future blog update). Fabulous people I’d love to see again, although I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to spend more time with Tricia.  We chat lots online and I would have liked to continue that chat in the flesh.

I stayed in a wonderful condo just off the strip … very elegant and very secure (just ask barbie about herIMG_1321s experience with Mr. Chuckles, the guard at the front gate *giggles*).  And although we turned a few heads in the lobby, everyone was very accepting.

The Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball was incredible.  A feast for the eyes and ears.  The continuous stage performances were Vegas caliber, but with a BDSM edge.  Dancers and acrobats were everywhere and a “flogging stage” had a continuous stream of Dom(mes) and subs demonstrating their own particular style.

But the most incredible sights of all were in the crowd.  Although a small number were in Halloween costumes, the vast majority of the crowd was in fet wear.  Ultra-high heels, garters, corsets, fishnets, latex and leather was everywhere.  And the group was a little younger than I expected.  Gawd, it was fun .. and so erotic!

My barbie and I got many requests to pose for pics … she was on My leash .. and, yes, we obliged.  Even ‘ Fucking Gerry”, the fetish photographer, took a photo or two of us.  If any of you should see us on another site, please drop me line so that we can check out the photos too.

In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number. ~ Steven Wright

Although we were invited to the after-party, we were hurting from a long day and a little jet lag so we left the Ball and headed back to our condo.  But even the cab ride was an laugh. Our cab driver was a kinky guy very much into BDSM.  As soon as we got in his cab he said “I smell latex! Who’s wearing latex?” (in case you hadn’t guessed, it was me .. Kim and barbie were wearing PVC).

Sunday was a day to relax a little and do some “barbie bondage”, and the day soon ended with our sad goodbyes.  Monday flights for all of us … barbie was heading home and Kim and I were off to Arizona.  That’s where I am as I write this.  But more on AZ later.

Upcoming Trip to the Southwest US

In a few days I’ll be back in Las Vegas.  It seems like it’s been so long, almost a year, since I’ve felt the excitement of the “City That Never Sleeps”.  I hear the gaming floor calling my name.

There’s a birthday party to attend and a fetish ball too.  And I get to see some friends again, and meet some that I’ve chatted with for years online but have never met.

And from Las Vegas, I’m headed back to the desert in southern AZ.  Again, I’ll spend some time with friends and hope to meet another online friend or two.  I had hoped to hook up with a photographer there to do some photos for this site but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.

As always, I’ll continue to watch my email and do my regular website updates while I’m away.  I may even do some web camming (on that kinky social networking site some of you also belong to) while away.

If anything exciting happens .. and I’m sure it will .. I’ll let you know all about it!  And I’m sure there will be photos to share.

Using Copyrighted Music WIthout Permission

My bad!

Well, ya just never know who looks at (and in this case, listens to) your online stuff. I’ve had this little video on YouTube for the last couple years. It’s more of a slide show than a video really .. made up of still images dissolving into each other, and put to music. As of today, the video has received over 56,000 views.

I was informed today by YouTube that my video has been blocked because of a copyright infringement claim against the audio track by UMG.  Although I was able to quickly replace the audio with a copyright-free song provided by YouTube, the video just isn’t the same.

The song in question was ”November Rain” .. one of my favourite songs.

Was I wrong to use it? Absolutely .. and I sincerely apologize to GnR for doing that.  I guess I thought of it more as a tribute to an awesome song.

And it doesn’t matter if they took exception with my use of the song because I’m a T-girl or not .. I apologize to the band, Universal Music Group and/or the song owner.

And for the record, I still think Mr. Rose is kinda cute!

Economic Worries

Now I’m starting to worry.  I know you didn’t come to this site to hear more gloom and doom about what’s going on with the world economy but this is finally starting to scare me, and it may impact this website.

I’ve booked and paid for a trip to the desert for later this month, and will certainly have a great time in both Las Vegas and southern Arizona, but if I had realized that things would get this bad, I really wouldn’t have done this one.

Although the federal election here in Canada on the 14th should be inconsequential, the one in the US in November can cause the pendulum to swing so far in the other direction that it flies off into oblivion.  Stop the insanity USA!

If I’m going to have to start selling my cheap ass on street corners, I’m going to need lots of fishnets, and there are costs associated with that. *giggling*

On a more positive note, I’ve just published a photo album that is a little more “personal” than the stuff I’ve been sharing.  Hope you like it .. and as always, your feedback is appreciated.

Upcoming Fetish Events

Wow .. the financial world may be falling apart but the fetish events just keep happening.

In addition to the events I mentioned below, Northbound Leather is holding it’s big annual event at The Docks in Toronto on 10/25.  If it didn’t conflict with my Las Vegas plans, I’d be there.  But in case you can attend, check it out here: Xposé

Also “CAPITOL PUNISHMENT: The Inaugural Washington DC Fetish Ball” is happening on October 12th .. Columbus Day weekend in the US or Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  One of the producers of this event is Nicotine .. a gorgeous fetish model that I’m familiar with from one of the BDSM community websites I belong to.

And … a large fetish event is happening in Detroit MI on November 7th-9th and is hosted by Tim Woodward Chief Editor of Skin Two Magazine.  Check out Exotica

I really missed the boat on the pre-planning this year, but am already updating my 2009 calendar.
And lastly, my friends at The Simpsons and Burger King seem to think this is what I should look like .. and frankly, I’m flattered! *giggles
Seleena simpsonized

Flights Booked For Halloween in Vegas

Flights are booked and rooms are reserved for the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball in Las Vegas.  My barbie will be joining Kim and I, and we hope to meet up with Nicole, Lee Ann and Tricia there.  Now I just have to decide what to wear!  I’m thinking that latex would be appropriate.  Do you agree? hehe

Photo gallery update: I’ve been doing photos at a frenzied pace lately and have lots of albums to share with you in the upcoming weeks.  Although I’d love to share them all with you right now, I’ll continue adding a new album every Friday.  As always, your comments are appreciated.

Upcoming Events

Well, fall is approaching fast and it’s time to start thinking about doing some traveling.  Here are a few things I’m thinking about attending during what’s left of 2008.

Fall Harvest in Kansas City:  My friend Renica is one of the organizers of an event that I expect will be totally awesome.

Las Vegas for Halloween: Insanity on the strip. Wow!

Sable’s get-together in Dallas:  Sable and aisling are putting together a great opportunity for the people from Alt dot com to get together. Included is a night in the dungeon. Saturday, November 29, 2008 in Dallas, TX. Alt dot com people can find details here:TS/TV Munches

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!! This website is one year old today!

In the last year, it’s grown from nothing to something small and insignificant … hahaha! But it’s grown, and continues to grow, and I’m happy with the progress.

Oh sure, I had visions of something bigger and more popular by this time but reality showed me that nothing comes easy. There are just so many sites out there that offer more than mine does.

You see, this site falls into a category that only appeals to a small segment of the surfing public. She-male sites, with cocks and boobies everywhere, attract the “show me it all and show me now” group. And the advice-based groups have their own market. The strictly-bondage sites cater to specific interests and are quite popular too. And other personal sites feature girls who are younger and much prettier than me.

It seems that I offer slightly higher quality images and a flare for style that might be a little above the average, but that’s about it.

Would I have done anything differently in hindsight? Not really but I had hoped that by now the site would have found a narrower scope based on the kind of stuff I enjoy doing and the feedback I get. But my interests haven’t become focused and the feedback has been light.

I worry sometimes that I appear arrogant, and the all-about-me thing is something I struggle with. Since this site really is all about me, it’s hard not to come across this way … but please know it’s a little out of character for me being the center of attention .. even on my own website.

I’ve tried some things here that have worked, and tried some things that haven’t worked .. and I learned lots and continue to learn .. to learn a little about me and a little about you.

Soooo … are there changes planned for the next year? Yes. Not sure what they are yet, but things will likely change. Will this become a pay site? Possibly, but the free content you see today will not decrease. The small-ish mouse-over pics would continue here although larger, hi-resolution, easily saveable photos might be available for a small subscription fee. Will it become a “leg site”, featuring mostly just stockings, heels, feet? Maybe. Will it become more x-rated? Possibly, but not likely. Will it vanish completely? That’s possible too. But I look forward to whatever the next year brings, whatever that may be.

In closing, thank you so much for helping me to keep this thing alive. At this time in my life, it’s quite important to me and whether you get some dressing tips from my images or a sexual thrill from them, I’m so glad you keep coming back.



Website Update and Michaela

Well .. I’m back to doing weekly updates to my Photo Gallery again! I just published one, have three “in the can” and have ideas for many others. In a couple of the photo sets I’m wearing something more formal; in the third I’m wearing latex.

My friend Michaela has moved to Buenos Aries. Many of you knew her as “Hailleigh”, formerly of Toronto. We correspond regularly and she seems to be adjusting to the new culture. And the culture that she describes is quite different. It sounds quite scary to me but Michaela has a lot more courage than I do.

I wish her well, and know she’ll succeed there but I can’t help but worry about her.

I’m Lost

Whiney Bimbo Rant

Maybe it’s the “dog days of summer”. Maybe it’s the next step in my evolution. Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places. Maybe it’s my new-found freedom (I have a lot more available time now). Maybe it’s the difficult July gone by. But my motivation and creativity are at a low point. Thank gawd for Kim. She’s always been the most consistent, most supportive force in my life.

I know I’m motivated by commitment. When I worked, I was committed to my job, my company, and I think I did well. And I was looking for this project, this little website, to take it’s place. It has, and it’s hasn’t.

One thing I learned about doing this site …. I’m doing it alone. Although I find it exciting, that excitement is hard to maintain when everyone else seems indifferent. I know, if I’m not doing it for myself I shouldn’t be doing it at all. And maybe that’s the harsh reality.

So I need to dig down to find something in here that “turns my crank”. Something that keeps me going.

It may be time for some changes. I’ve been thinking long and hard lately about my chatroom .. the one here on this site. It may have outlived it’s usefulness. I dunno.

The message board that I scrapped several months ago. I’ve learned a lot about website building in the last year and could now come up with something that’s much more user-friendly. Maybe it needs to come back. I dunno.

Business. The commitment and excitement I might feel when I’m providing a service could be all the motivation I need.  A pay site? Merchandise sales? Photog services?  I dunno, but rest assured that if I venture into this area, I’ll be totally professional.

Hmmm .. excitement!  Maybe that’s it.  I’m beginning to feel that if I don’t generate some soon … well, you know.

My site is coming up on it’s one year anniversary in a couple weeks and I’ve gone from an average of 6 hits per day in the first month to just under 150 hits per day now, and I’ve had over 17,000 people enter via my main page.  Okay, but not great.

Please know that I’m aware I’m behind on my Photo Gallery updates, but I’ve shot quite a bit yet don’t feel that I’ve done anything worthy of being here.

So .. change the site or change my attitude regarding it. Something’s needs to change. I owe it to you .. and to myself.

Social Networking Rant

Rant Mode ON

Well, I’ve done it again .. even though I promised myself that I wouldn’t. I’ve joined yet another social networking website.

Not that many years ago, girls like me felt alone .. as though they were the only one’s with this passion. Contact magazines and adult bookstores provided the only opportunity to meet others, and it wasn’t pretty.

Then along came computers and telecommunications, and everything changed.  Dial-up bulletin boards and IRC chat quickly illustrated that there are others like us out there.  And they weren’t all the stereotypical “SheMales” with the gigantic implants and huge cocks.  Feelings of optimism and excitement sweep over us.  Phone line connections gave us the opportunity to connect to others but the time necessary for modems to connect and slow download speeds meant we had to stop and think about where we were going before we went there.

The high speed connection and the Internet emerged.  And we then had the ability to perv more websites in a minute that we could in an entire evening.  And everyone’s fingers was trying to find our purses, try to squeeze money from us.

Social networking sites, sites where people of similar interests can share and socialize, began to spring up .. and the number of them out there continues to grow, even today.  The dust hasn’t settled yet, and no winners have been declared in the race to be THE networking site.

So much for the “history according to Bimbo”.

I have my hands full.  I have a Yahoo360 presence I’d like to put to sleep (except that it brings a fair amount of traffic to this website), a URNA profile I look in on every month of so, a YouTube video account, a Facebook profile for my male side, an Alt dot com membership (that has given me the most real life contacts as well as my very best, and very worst, chatroom experiences), and Instant Messaging profiles on both MSN and Yahoo.  I still belong to several Yahoo “special interest” groups but always fall behind on their posts.  I’ve also turned down numerous requests to “Join Me” on countless other sites.  And I have this website … photo gallery updates, bi-weekly chat and this blog.  It’s the thing I’m most committed to right now.

So therein lies my dilemma.  I’ve joined another one.  So now there’s one more online community for me to neglect.  And I hate that … because I’ve always done my very best to be attentive to those who I’m connected to.  At one time it felt overwhelming but now it just saddens me.  I’m really not like this!  When someone speaks to me, I answer!

I expect FetLife to be yet another place where I have to keep fending off requests to meet at the drop of a hat.  But who knows … just maybe it’ll be the “special one”.  After all, a very interesting guy suggested it to me.

So, please bear with me, but until I figure out where I really need to be, I’m keeping a presence in too many places for my own good.

Rant mode is now off


An Exciting Few Weeks

Wow!  What a crazy few weeks it’s been.  An emotional rollercoaster.

Toronto Pride Week

Toronto Pride was awesome.  Got to spend some time with old friends and met some new ones too.  Wandered the streets of Toronto a little, had a stretch limo tour of the city, spent some time with my friends at Northbound Leather and drank a few Mai Tai’s (thanks doll!).

Bunny, Alicia and Winnie made their annual pilgrimage to Toronto and seeing them again was awesome. Bunny did the IMG_4342Along, long drive again from NC and I cherished every minute I spent with her.  Alicia and Winnie again came in from MI and brought Kimmie along too.  It was so nice to meet Kimmie and to see Winnie and Alicia again.

Also got to meet My barbie.  She was everything I thought she’d be and I look forward to spending much more time with her.  After a frustrating plane ride from the Pacific Northwest, she arrived unflustered.  We did manage to get some time to do a photo shoot together.

Lola also made the trip from the West Coast, and although her plane ride was a little more sane than barbie’s, car rental issues left her in a very difficult situation and was never really resolved.  Lola is very cool and seems to have fallen in love with Toronto .. kinda surprising since the San Francisco scene is in her backyard.  I guess this says a lot about the way Toronto opens her arms to girls like us.

Hailleigh was in town again too for her last hurrah before her move to South America.  Although we didn’t spend as much time together as we should have, I’m really gonna miss her and wish her all the best.  Hopefully, she’ll return to Canada occasionally but in the interim I hope to stay in touch via email.

Ran into Jazmine and Jennie downtown.  Although we’ve chatted online a little, meeting them both was very cool.  They’re a big part of the Toronto scene and I expect to see them both again in my “prowlings” .. haha!!

Barbie and Me

And I finally got to meet Tonya.  She lives in the city and met up with us at our hotel.  I’ve always enjoyed her posts in Sarah Lynn’s “Powder Room” on Alt dot com, and finally meeting her was very cool.

Sadly though, I missed meeting the elusive Melan.  Hopefully next time.  And Sarah Lynn from Windsor, and Delila from Michigan were unable to join us this year.  Next year sweeties!

This annual Pride thing, for me at least, is really more about the people than the event itself.  Although checking out the clubs is okay, I did all my drinking and dancing ’til dawn when I was much younger and am really not into it these days.  Whispering sweet nothings in a dark, quiet piano bar is more my style now, I guess.

I also broke my rule about remaining low-key in public.  Bunny, barbie and I ended up in the local newspaper.  Although I really do like the photo, I’m really much too private for that.  But it was before dark and we were on our way to meet the girls for dinner .. typically over-dressed.  Once again, it felt like a freak show .. and we were the freaks. *giggles*  But ce la vie!  There was no disrespect towards us at all, and many friendly comments .. especially from women.

Maybe it’s time I change my look in an attempt to “pass” … nawwwww!  In my opinion, there’s nothing I, or many of my “sisters”, could do to come close to appearing like an attractive woman.  And presenting as the average “today’s woman” is just not something that interests me.  I’m sure most TV/CD’s can relate to this although most TS’s (pre-op, post-op or non-op) would strongly disagree.

I just prefer times when women never left the house without hosiery and makeup … regardless of the time of day or season.  Sandals and bare feet were left for the beach .. and glamorous was what you were or, at least, tried to be, and not Bunny, Me and Barbiesomething you occasionally “did”.

I guess it’s obvious that for some of us, it’s all about the dressing.

My darling Kim had the awesome idea of a limo tour of the city so our friends from out of town could see a little more than just the Pride district so she made the arrangements, and with financial support from My barbie, around 10 of us spent a couple hours in a stretch SUV limousine.  We stopped a few times for photos and smoke breaks at various locations mostly around the waterfront.

Thankfully I was already familiar with the areas we visited because at one point I was distracted by someone’s hand under my skirt (Winnie, you little slut! You’re the best!)

I also got a huge compliment from George, the boss at Northbound Leather.  At their meet-and-greet, he complimented my legs.  Now this is a guy who spends his days in the presence of Enza, a simply gorgeous woman with world-class legs … needless to say I was very honored.  I hope to see him again at NBL’s Fall Bash at the Docks.  But the Northbound event was great … store shelves were overflowing, snacks and drinks were available with both bondage and single tail whip demo’s going on concurrently.

A Visit From Our Friends from the Desert

Just had enough time back at home after Pride to unpack, straighten up the house, restock the refrigerator and booze fridge before heading to the airport to pick up our friends.  We had as awesome time with them as we always do and look forward to seeing them again in a couple short months.

Someone Special

Someone very important to me passed away.  Although I already miss her lots, I’ll eventually move on and the great memories will last forever.  Rest in Peace, sweetie.

I’m Blogging Again

Well, I’ve decided to start updating my blog again.  Not sure why.  Maybe it’s therapeutic to some degree to put thoughts down in print.  Maybe it’s just another place to vent or to share excitement.  I don’t know but I’m giving it another try.

And I’m not doing this for feedback .. I’ve given up on that!  I’ve wrestled with the reasons behind the lack of feedback I get. A comment or two every couple weeks seems disproportionate to the number of visitors I get. In fact, even those closest to me rarely provide feedback or comments.

“The handwriting is on the wall, Seleena!”

The fun, maybe even the thrill, in doing this was to try to understand and maybe even see into the hearts and souls of the faceless people who visit.  But I now understand that you won’t permit that.  You’re more of a mystery to me than I am to you, and it looks like you’re going to remain that way.  So I’m moving forward without you *giggles*  So there!

Anne Stonebrook and My Guestbook

Wow .. Anne Stonebrook signed my Guestbook today.  Imagine that!  My website!!  I’m truly honored.  She’s my favorite fet/bondage model of all time, and although no longer in the business, I believe her work is already considered “classic” and will live forever.  Got to meet her back in the fall and I immediately fell head over heels for the person behind the persona.  I’ve accumulated a little collection of latexwear (and those delicious ballet boots) from her in the last year or two.  I think I need to post an album of this stuff in my Photo Gallery.

But I really don’t do justice to anything she’s worn .. except maybe for the little “bulge” that is uniquely mine. 🙂

Do you suppose Anne would object to a small “tribute” album on my little website?

Happy New Year!

Well at the suggestion of some, I’ve been rather quiet in updating this blog (“Seleena, if you don’t have something relevant to say, it might be better to say nothing!”) but as 2007 draws to a close, I feel compelled to say a few words.

First off, 2007 has been a slightly trying year. I’ve struggled just a bit to find my place in the world, and the creations of this website is part of that search. Thank gawd my sweetheart is here with me, and together we move forward. On a personal level, I spent too much doing things that are not important to me and too little time doing the things that are. The all-consuming 9 to 5 made it difficult sometimes to be the spouse, the friend and the lover that I desire to be.

I lost an old friend, and nearly lost another … but I got to meet new friends too! I was honored to meet Angel, buffy, hailleigh, Jade, Ross, bunny, Winnie, Sarah, Alicia, Dita, chelle and Delila, and I feel a connection to all of them that only someone in this lifestyle can feel.  I also met “My barbie”! 🙂  Got to spend some time with dearest friends (and serious hottie’s) Sara and Mark, although 3 visits in a year is not nearly enough. 🙁

In 2008, my free time increases dramatically. It’s a journey that Kim and I have worked so hard for. We expect to travel a bit more, get our lives organized and into a bit of a routine that allows us to be as impulsive as the situation dictates *giggles*. But regardless of who’s doing what between our legs, she’s all that’s important to me.

I plan some changes to this website. The message board experiment was a failure and will be removed, my chatroom availability will increase, I’ll install proper Photo Gallery software to save wear and tear on your “back ” button and will try to include some dialog with each photo album explaining the situation or my feelings when the photos were taken. I’d love to expand my Friends page .. not many volunteers to date (thank you barbie and Stephanie!) and to do this I might have to solicit. I’d love to include some female content here too (any volunteers?).

Thank you everyone for keeping this site alive. It’s important to me to think that my URL is bookmarked on a few computers and the occasional mouse click here puts a smile on someone’s face.

Happy New Year! May 2008 be a safe and prosperous year for you, and may it bring you all the kinkiness you desire!

Hooter Uniform

My Hooters uniform arrived on Thursday and it’s time to take some photos today.

I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the look, and am still not after seeing the pics, but I guess they’ll appear here anyway. Thought that the look needed a nametag so I went to the computer and quickly made one up.  I ended up wearing it all day .. webcam on Alt dot com, stuff around the house, photos. And I found the knee high 5 1/2″ heel boots to be quite comfortable after 15 hours of wear.


I got scurrying around the house this morning and missed the 10:00 start of my bi-weekly chatroom time. If you came here at 10:00 and found no chatroom, please accept my apologies. It was 10:06 before it came to life. Luckily for me, my two fav sweeties, Barbie and QQ patiently waited and appeared just as soon as I did.

I’m not gonna kiss and tell, but whew! The discussion was soooo erotic.

I notice that lots of hits on this site are coming from my friends at “Trannies in Trouble” via a reciprocal link to Sandra’s site.  I hope I’m not disappointing the bondage fans from there.  Since I’m a huge bondage fan too, I think I should mention that clearly on my “Welcome” page as well my “About Me”.  Sounds like it’s time to add some bondage photo content too.

Today’s outfit: ruby pushup bra, Hanes Alive tan (somewhat shiny) pantyhose (panties? what panties?), animal print sleeveless top, stretch black mini, animal print 5 1/2″ heel ankle strap pumps.


I got to chat briefly with my Australian friend, Angie, in the GX chatroom on Alt dot com.  It’s been a long time .. so glad to hear, and see, that she’s okay. She told me she had viewed this website. I’m a little nervous about that because Angie has great taste and knows quality … and I’m not sure what I’ve done so far measures up.  But she politely told me she loved it .. and I’ll believe her, out of necessity. Maybe she’ll have some suggestions for improvement.

I turned my webcam on a couple times later in the day. The weather here has been unusually warm, nearly hot, and the temperature inside to too warm to appear on cam fully dressed .. lol .. so I appeared in only a strapless bra, corset, thong, FF stockings and thigh-high boots. Not exactly my usual elegant cam-wear but I got no complaints *giggles*

Then I proceeded to turn the air condition back on.

Unable to Attend

I tried my best to make it happen, but it looks like Kim and I will not be able to attend the Northbound Leather “Switch” event on October 20th.   This is the big one .. a not-to-be-missed event.  I broke the news to our friend hailleigh tonight but, as expected, the slutty girl was very understanding.

I haven’t seen hailleigh since Toronto Pride way back in June, and the time we spent together then was quite limited.  But things will improve in the near future. I told her about my website and asked her to critique it.  But it would be fab if she decides some day to contribute to the “Guests” page.

Getting this site moving is slower than I had expected (damned search engine robots!).

Website Progress

Well, the search engines can now index my site; hope it’s ready for prime time!

I had my first real (unprovoked) visitor in my chatroom today.  “QQ”, thanks for stopping by to chat with me.  You’re a sweetie!

Spend an hour or so on webcam in the chatroom of my favorite Alternative Lifestyle site.  Emotions and attitudes are running high there.

High Heel Repairs

Picked up my favorite heels at the shoe repair shop.  Very nice job and quite inexpensive.  Actually, I just realized that I’m wearing those very same heels in the banner photo above. The new heel tips are only slightly thicker than the original one and I’m blown away at how much of a difference it makes in the wearability .. but when you’re always pushing the limited of heel height, a little means a lot.   I’ll spend several hours in them this weekend to ensure I don’t need to move them to the “bedroom only” closet.

eBay Auction

I won an eBay auction today for a black “Hooters” uniform.  Black top, black shorts, typical Hooters “Tamara” pantyhose, white slouch socks.  On the advice of the seller, I bought size “small” .. yikes, this might be a bit extreme but we’ll see how it goes.

Although wearing running shoes with it might be fun, typically T-girls like me can’t wear running shoes and maintain the right balance.  The effect of high heels is to lessen the distance between the tips of the toes and the heels (the higher the heel, the more pronounced the effect is) thereby making the foot appear smaller .. more “lady-like.  Running shoes don’t do this, so since I’ll likely wear heels with the uniform, a black uniform seemed best.

A photo album will appear here somewhere down the road.

On Webcam

Put on a slinky wet-look red dress, black pantyhose and open-toe strappy black shoe (with chrome stiletto heels) and spent a few hours on webcam in the chatroom at Alt dot com.  Had fun but stayed up too late, and had to deal with a guy who was starting to become a little obsessive.  I’m always on the watch for behavior that seems unusual.

It might just have been a vigorous display of affection but you can never be too careful.

Upcoming Northbound Leather Event

Chatted with my friend hailleigh about an upcoming event in Toronto on October 20th.  Northbound Leather’s biggest annual party is called “Switch” this year.  I need to decide soon if it’s possible to attend.

The thought of “double-dating” with hailleigh and her lover is sooo appealing.  And the party will surely be awesome .. very elaborate, very fetishy, starts at 9:00pm and ends at 6:00am .. only in Toronto!

Unpacking and the TSA

While unpacking for the AZ trip, I again noticed that the folks at the airport (TSA) have again went through my girlie stuff.  Everything rearranged and my precious photo of my bondage model friend was a bit crinkled.  Damn. I have to wonder what the TSA people think when they open a suitcase like mine.  sheesh.

On close inspection I notice that the tip on my favorite pumps (black patent, 6″ heels from “Tony Shoes”) didn’t survive the trip.  Does anybody repair shoes these days?

A Meeting in the AZ Desert

Drove out to Casa Grande in the morning to meet a retired fetish/bondage model who I’ve been buying lots of clothes from recently.  She’s even more gorgeous now than when she worked in the industry and is just the sweetest woman.  When you see gorgeous people in videos you always wonder about their character and the size of their egos.  She was a refreshing surprise .. truly a classy lady.  I understand how life takes us all in different directions and have total respect for her decision to leave the industry, but it’s a great loss nonetheless.

Then it was “Photo Time”. Did several photo sets with Mark, “photographer extraordinaire”.  I’m thrilled with the results and will be posting a few teasers here soon.  Thank you Mark .. you’re a sweetie!  Then spent a few hours watching the girls on webcam on the Alternative Lifestyle website we frequent.  T-girls like me get a bit of attention on webcam there but there’s nothing like “the real deal”.  They had hundreds of viewers and got lots of great compliments.