Another AZ Vacation

Having an amazing time in Arizona! The condo is great and the weather is fabulous.  I only saw a few clouds one morning and the temperature has reached 90 degrees every day.  The nights are quite comfortable .. latex weather actually .. dropping down into the low 60’s or high 50’s.

I was able to find the time to take a lot of photos for this website and spent some quality time with friends that included dinner at a fabulous restaurant.  Thank you Mark and Sara!

_MG_7168s_smallThe people in AZ are quite environmentally considerate and do their best to make new development appear in tune with the surrounding desert.  Yet for a high-end restaurant and mega-dollar residential development, they had no problem tunneling through a mountain to reach an pristine desert area only seen previously by hikers and mountain climbers.  Although the result was quite stunning, I had mixed feelings about just how far they went to please the “rich and famous”.  I know, “lighten up Seleena!”.

I looked at some real estate also … not the kind that requires a drive through a mountain to get to .. but rather a relatively simple condo in a very nice complex in the foothills overlooking the city.  Who knows?  I may just end up spending most of my time there.

But all good things must come to an end eventually, and it’s time to return home to Canada.  Hopefully the new corset that I ordered has arrived. My intention was to wear it in Las Vegas but the people at Nightshade kinda let me down.

To all who have sent email to me or looked for me online, I’ve been reading all my email while away and will respond when I get home.

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