Anne Stonebrook and My Guestbook

Wow .. Anne Stonebrook signed my Guestbook today.  Imagine that!  My website!!  I’m truly honored.  She’s my favorite fet/bondage model of all time, and although no longer in the business, I believe her work is already considered “classic” and will live forever.  Got to meet her back in the fall and I immediately fell head over heels for the person behind the persona.  I’ve accumulated a little collection of latexwear (and those delicious ballet boots) from her in the last year or two.  I think I need to post an album of this stuff in my Photo Gallery.

But I really don’t do justice to anything she’s worn .. except maybe for the little “bulge” that is uniquely mine. 🙂

Do you suppose Anne would object to a small “tribute” album on my little website?

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