Account Termination by Executive Order?

I got a warning earlier this week from nice people at Yahoo! that I “might have” violated their Terms of Service, and that I need to stop immediately or my account might be terminated. They gave no other detail but included a helpful link to a help forum. But the link is broken .. “page not found”.

Sooo there might not be a help forum available to help me understand what I might have done … but whatever it might be, I need to stop it immediately or they might terminate my account.

Well Yahoo! .. to be honest with you, I might not care at all if you did that.

I haven’t done anything different there recently.  Same behavior as in the last several years; no abusive language, no porn, no confrontations, no “hate” talk, no threats.  I’d have a hard time doing those things if I tried to.  My volume there has been quite high recently … “add me” requests, messages, etc .. but that’s about it.

And my profile is as honest as it can be.  I don’t even lie about my gender there, like so many of my “sisters” do.

But in researching this very ambiguous warning,  I learned that many bloggers and business people are of the opinion that the “Big Y!” has a thing for the guy runs the US.  You know the guy.  “Hopey-changey guy” .. (not to be confused with “hunky guy” from NY, who really is intelligent, handsome, sexy and honest .. inside joke <swoon!>).

Simply disagreeing with “el presidente”” in their groups, forums, chatrooms (maybe even email and IM’s?) is grounds for termination.  Hard to believe, I know, but that’s what many are saying, and these folks are NOT extreme right wingers.  And the funniest part of it all is that it was okay to disagree (or worse) with that “W” guy; just not with the new kid.

So the conservative regime was more liberal than the liberal one turned out to be!  Who knew?

Maybe my chances of getting invited to the Republican National Convention are not so far-fetched after all?

Yahoo!     oooops .. I meant woohoo!

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